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HomeGearX was established in 2018 to help homeowners improve their homes by choosing the best tools and equipment.

We focus on a wide variety of home tools and equipment for use in different parts of the home from the kitchen and garage to your outdoor spaces such as the lawn, deck patio, and even the garden.

Here we provide different kinds of content to help with home improvement. There are some comprehensive reviews of different products, in-depth product buying guides, and some handy tips on how to use different products and also other things like how to maintain your garden.

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How We Help You

Because HomeGearX is all about helping you improve your home and make it more comfortable, we will recommend the best products to buy and use at home.

And since we know that there are many good product brands and models out there, which can make choosing a little tedious, we will also provide some comprehensive buying guides. With our buying guides, you know just what to look for in different products.

What’s more, we will also compare different products side by side to make it easier for you to decide which one will work best for you.

We also go a step further and provide some easy to follow tips on how to use different products and also provide information on how to maintain or repair them.

How We Review

How we review

Every product that finds a place on one of our reviews is always carefully and adequately vetted, and so you can be sure that it deserves a spot there.

When vetting the product that we review, we will use different parameters like reviews from other actual users, recommendations by experts, the reputation of the brand, the product's sale data, and of course our vast experience. By doing this, we ensure that we only recommend the best products in the market.

Also, it is vital to note that we do not and will never accept products from any company in exchange for a review, whether it is for free or not.

Our Team

At HomeGearX, we have a team of writers that have several years of experience researching and writing in the home improvement niche, and so you can be certain they have enough expertise on the subject.

Besides the vast experience, our writers are self-driven and highly motivated individuals that always work hard to create great content for our readers.

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