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14 Essential Air Fryer Accessories You Need to Have

Air Fryer Accessories

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The love for air fryers has seen new heights for obvious reason. You have been trying to cutting oil out of your daily cooking regime and an air fryer came as a blessing that without compromising on the taste of meals, cut the oil usability to a large extent.

But what good is an air fryer without its precious accessories. You can do a lot more with the machine, only if you have right accessories at your disposal.

Today, we will look at all the important accessories that will prove extremely productive in every kitchen.

Air Fryer Accessories


Air Fryer Accessories

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Air Fryer Accessory Kit


Oil Sprayer


Parchment Liners


Instant Thermometer


Baking Pan


Cake Pan


Grill Pan


Cooking Rack


Mandoline Slicer






Silicone Matt


Recipe Book


Air Fryer Cooking Chart

1. Air Fryer Accessory Kit

Air Fryer Accessory Kit

Photo: Cosori

Buyers who want to go all-inclusive in a single purchase will definitely consider an air fryer accessory kit instead of purchasing components separately.

An accessory kit comes with multiple routine usable components that you can use to try different recipes. While different brands have different compilation of tools.

One of the recommendations in accessory kit that we would like to put forward is the Cosori Air Fryer Accessory Kit. It comes with 6 prime accessories that are compatible with a 6-quartz air fryer. The tools are BPA-safe, easy to clean, and very durable.

2. Oil Sprayer

Oil Sprayer

Photo: Evo Oil Sprayer

The whole purpose of buying an air fryer is to make your eating habits better and healthy. In this, if you use a dripper and drip oil all over the food, before or after preparation then the purpose of using an air fryer becomes a total waste.

With oil sprayer, you will be able to control the portion of oil going into the food more effectively. It is used to spray oil on food in an effective way.

The best recommendation of an oil sprayer is the Evo Oil Sprayer which is made of plastic, available in multiple sizes to let to have better selection and durable enough to serve for long time. Also, it is an FDA-approved product.

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3. Parchment Liners

Parchment Liners

Photo: Numola

The parchment liners are the perforated paper liners that are placed on the floor of the cooking basket. These are designed to make cleaning easy.

Most of these liners are available in 9-inches size which can efficiently fit in a 6-quartz air fryer. These ate 100% natural papers made from wood. Also, these are non-toxic and are meant to withstand high temperature ranges of 450-degrees.

The Numola Air Fryer Liners is the best option to consider for purchase. It comes in a pack of 100-pieces and have the qualities of being non-toxic, non-sticky, waterproof, heat-resistant and FDA-approved product.

4. Instant Thermometer

Instant Thermometer

Photo: Habor

For pure food-aficionados, it is practically impossible to be able to cook food without their precious instant thermometers.

These thermometers are used to be plunged inside the cooked food to check the inside temperature. They tell if the food is properly cooked or not.

This will put the guesswork at bay. These devices are used for a wide application of cooking. It can identify temperature of negative 49-degrees F to 392-degrees F.

The Habor 022 is one of the best instant thermometers. It comes with a long probe and takes as less as 6-seconds to tell the temperature.

5. Baking Pan

Baking Pan

Photo: Aayu

Well, baking pans are used to make cakes in the air fryers. It is a common incorporation in an accessory kit. Yet, you can purchase it in suitable size that goes with your air fryer.

The best baking pan you can buy is the AAYU Baking Pan which is compatible with air fryers will as low capacity as 3-quartz and it goes to 5-quartz on the higher side. Also, with its thermal properties, you can use it as a non-stick cookware.

6. Cake Pan

Cake Pan

Photo: Nordic Ware

The cake pans specially designed for air fryers are very versatile in nature. You certainly need one to be a pro cake baker using an air fryer.

These pans are non-stick and very easy to clean. Plus, they are super easy to bake a cake. You can learn more on the best cake pans here.

The finest recommendation in a best cake pan for air fryer is the Nordic Ware 50442 as it has a leak-proof tight seal design to prevent the messy spills. Plus, you get all the properties of a perfect cake pan for an air fryer.  

7. Grill Pan

Grill Pan

Photo: Infraovens

Air fryers have excellent skills of grilling food. For that, you need a specialized grill pan that can easily fit the size of your air fryer and has perforation qualities for allowing the air to flow freely for perfect grilling.

These pans are used to grill meat, fish, and vegetables. The Infraovens Air Fryer Grill Pan is a perfect pan, compatible with multiple brand air fryers, available in variable sizes, and FDA-approved for ensured safety of usage.

8. Cooking Racks

Cooking Racks

Photo: MFTEK

Cooking racks are the most popular air fryer accessory that is usually available in an all-inclusive kit as well. The best racks are made of stainless-steel material as it can bear high temperatures and do not oxidize as well.

Most cooking racks comes in pairs and have a skewer This give you more shelf space to place individual items like meat and vegetables to place on different layers and cook at one time. Also, these racks cut short the cooking time to half as you don’t have to make repeat attempts for individual cooking.

The MFTEK Multi-Purpose Air Fryer Rack is an ideal product with 304 stainless-steel durable body and temperature bearing to 500-degrees. It is pretty easy to clean and maintain.

9. Mandoline Slicer

Mandoline Slicer

Photo: Mueller

Mandoline slicer is used to slices and the vegetables easily and in different sizes. The tool comes with multiple changeable blades and you can also set a desired width with each blade.

To cook the veggies in an air fryer, you first need to cut them or slice them. The mandoline slicer will help you in this.

The Mueller MU-MANDO is one of the best products with 5 interchangeable blades made of stainless-steel. The product is also FDA-approved

10. Tongs


Photo: OXO

Food during preparation is really hot and it is not a good idea to touch it with bare hand. Therefore, you need tongs to change sides of the food and pick it up when it is smoking hot.

The tongs are usually made of non-oxidizing metal because it can endure extreme temperatures. Also, these are cushioned with rubber or plastic material so that you don’t accidentally burn your hand.

The OXO 28581 kitchen tongs is the best option constructed with stainless-steel and have cushioned non-slip handles. Being available in multiple sizes, this is one of the best tongs on the market.

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11. Mitts


Photo: HOMWE

When you are baking things or have a container to lift that was inside the air fryer, you will require mitts to hold them.

Mitts are basically thick quilted hand gloves that you wear to take out hot dishes. These are extremely useful as a safety gear while cooking with air fryers.

The Homwe PSOM-MIYL-ZFML mitts are the best ones in 14.7-inches in size. These are heat-resistant and flexible mitts to comfortably have you hold the hot dishes.

12. Silicone Mat

Baking becomes a lot easier when you have the right equipment. Silicone mats come handy while baking. These non-stick mats are very useful and you don’t have to grease them before putting the bakeable food on it.

You can simply place it on the bottom of air fryer basket and put the food on it. The AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Matts are non-stick and oven safe to up to 480-degrees F.

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13. Recipe Book

Recipe Book

Photo: America's Food Hub

What good can an air fryer do if there are not a lot of recipes you can try. That is why, a recipe book is necessary for you to try the best of the meals.

If you need the best recipe book then there is nothing better than A Complete Air Fryer Cookbook available in kindle and paperback versions. It is a perfect product for beginners with the recipes illustrated thoroughly.

14. Air Fryer Cooking Chart

Air Fryer Cooking Chart

Photo: Intel Kitchen

How convenient would it be if to refer the exact cook time of dishes in what size and on what temperature, you only have to lift your gaze up to see the cooking chart.

A cooking chart comes has names of the dishes and time printed on it. These are used to take reference and make cooking more efficient.

The Intel Kitchen Air Fryer Cooking Chart is a well elaborated air fryer cooking chart with 76 food types. It has a big magnet on the back to effortlessly attach on an attachable surface.


Here you are with all the major accessory that will enhance your cooking with an air fryer. As you keep cooking with the machine, the need to buy the perfect tools will keep surfacing. Hope you find these recommendations and accessories useful.

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