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5 Best Aquarium Plants for Beginners that You Need to Know

Aquarium Plants for Beginners

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There is massive variety in the best aquarium plants for beginners that are quite promising and does not require a lot of maintenance.

These plants are easiest to handle as they can grow in all kind of substrate and do not need expensive fertilizers for growth. Moreover, their roots are not too complex to understand or handle.

They grow in moderate temperature conditions and also don’t require high intensity lights for growth. This way, the experience for the beginners is a pleasant one considering the fact that they don’t bother anyone.

Here we present some fine examples of best low maintenance aquarium plants.

5 Best Aquarium Plants for Beginners

1. Java Moss

Java Moss

Photo: Aquatic Arts

  • Water Temperature: 70° – 75° F 
  • Lighting: Moderate

This plant is an absolute best choice for the beginners for so many reasons. It does not demand for high maintenance and can easily grow in all kind of surfaces including driftwood and rocks.

This plant has the nature to float, so you might want to attach it to an ornament or a rock to keep it sturdy to the ground. This looks quite amazing in an aquarium as it grows near the glass and give a spectacular view to the viewers.

The lush green foliage has a dense look that cover most of your aquarium and give hiding space to the shrimp in the tank.

The lighting requirement is low to moderate and if it is exposed to more light than needed, it can react badly. You can also expect the growth of algae which will hamper the water quality as well.


  • It is a low maintenance plant
  • Looks great in the aquarium
  • Give hiding places to the aquarium fish
  • Compatible with different kind of surfaces


  • It floats and come up on the surface if not firmly affixed to some element
  • Algae might grow if not cared properly

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2. Amazon Sword 

Amazon Sword

Photo: Greenpro

  • Water Temperature: 72° – 82° F 
  • Lighting: Low

One of the best reasons we call this one as the best freshwater aquarium plant for beginners is the low cost. Other than that, the care and maintenance is also quite low.

Amazon Sword has unique looks mostly likely a sword that sharp edges. Because of the elongated length, it usually goes beyond the water level which makes it an unfitting option for small aquariums.

It requires less light and you also don’t have to spend a lot on the fertilizers for plant growth. It automatically grows at fast pace so you have to be ready for periodic pruning.

The plant can grow best on 72° – 82° F temperature. With all that said, this plant is quite suitable for beginners and budget buyers.


  • Low maintenance plant
  • Spectacular looks that appear great in the aquarium
  • Thrives in low light
  • Available at economical price


  • Grows rapidly and come across the water surface
  • Not so great for smaller aquariums 

3. Java Fern

Java Fern

Photo: Aquatic Arts

  • Water Temperature: 68° – 82° F 
  • Lighting: Low

The light requirement of this plant is low and it has magnificent appeal with tall leaves to cover most of the aquarium area. This is yet another great choice to make for the beginners.

You can add whatever type of elements you want to the bottom to conceal the roots. However, it does require extra care and cautiousness while covering the roots. Due to the weight and rough handling, the rhizomes are harmed. You need to ensure that rhizomes are not hampered.

The plant can grow best in water temperature of 68° – 82° F. Also, you don’t have to spend a lot on the maintenance. It propagates without the usage of any specific fertilizers.

The spores released by the plant gets attached to the bottom and new growth is commenced. It is available at economical cost and available in multiple sizes. Certainly, this is the best aquarium plant for beginners.  


  • Cost effective
  • Low in maintenance  
  • Rapid growth of the plant  


  • Requires a lot of care while concealing the roots

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4. Anubias Nana

Anubias Nana

Photo: Aquarium Plants Discounts

  • Water Temperature: 72° – 78° F 
  • Lighting: Moderate

Beginners like to invest in the plants that demand least amount of care. Anubias Nana is one such plant that grows in moderate lighting conditions and 72° – 78° F temperature.

The foliage has classic look and you can install it in small aquariums as well. If you wish to have it in the large aquariums then try making a good combination of other plants as well.

The growth is quite slow and you may have to keep the roots above the bottom. It makes a perfect hiding place for shrimps and other fishes in the tank.

The fertilizers requirement of this plant is very less and you also don’t have to add a lot of nutrients as well. This way, the maintenance cost is almost negligible.

The only pitfall here is that the cost of this plant is high. Other than that, this is a suitable option for all kind of aquariums.


  • Very low in maintenance
  • Great in looks
  • Does not need any special fertilizers
  • Does not require trimming or pruning due to small length


  • Quite expensive as compared to its peers
  • Extremely slow in growth

5. Water Wisteria

Water Wisteria

Photo: G&Z

  • Water Temperature: 75° – 80° F 
  • Lighting: Low

Among the species of best aquatic plants, Water Wisteria is also a popular choice to make, especially among the shrimp keepers.

The leaves of this plant take beautiful shape and creates a magnificent ambience in the tank. The foliage can flourish in all kind of conditions. You just have to make sure that the roots are completely in the gravel and there is constant supply of oxygen.

The germination process of this plant is continuous and you don’t have to repeatedly buy new ones and install in the aquarium.  

They are broader and do not grow a lot of length wises. Thus, it is not suitable for the smaller aquariums. With minimal upkeep requirements, this plant is a great choice to make for the beginners.


  • Leaves take beautiful shape
  • Minimal upkeep is needed
  • Continuous germination process


  • Not suitable for smaller aquariums


There are plenty of choices to make in good aquarium plants for beginners, all the above mentioned being the finest ones.

All these plants require the least maintenance and also available at suitable prices. No added fertilizers are required for the growth or germination process.

If you have just installed an aquarium and are looking for the plants that are low in upkeep then refer the recommendations above.

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