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7 Best Commercial Blenders: Food, Bar, and Immersion Blender

Best Commercial Blender

As the name suggests, commercial blenders are designed for use in a large-scale kind of way, making them suitable for juice bars, restaurants, bars and other types of businesses.

Some business owners might be tempted to buy residential blenders because they are way cheaper than commercial ones, but these are not designed to handle the heavy workload and constant use.

Basically, the main difference between the two is that commercial units are more powerful, faster and more durable, making them the best for businesses.

However, with such a wide variety of them in the market, it is important to pick the best commercial blender and this article looks at a number of them so as to help you choose the perfect one for your business.

Product Name




Current Price

1. Waring MX1000XTX Commercial Blender

Waring MX1000XTX Commercial Blender

Very powerful commercial blender with a 3.5 horsepower motor, an ultra-aggressive stainless-steel blade, and a 64-ounce shatterproof plastic pitcher


2. Isun Aimores Commercial Blender

Isun Aimores Commercial Blender

Relatively affordable commercial blender with a large 75-ounce jar that is innovatively designed to improve the circulation inside for good blending quality


3. Hamilton Beach 58870 Professional Blender

Hamilton Beach 58870 Professional Blender

10-speed professional blender with a relatively powerful 1500-watt motor and a sound shield that dampens most of the noise to make it super quiet


4. Vitamix 5086 Advanced Commercial Blender

Vitamix 5086 Advanced Commercial Blender

Very costly Vitamix blender with 6 variable speeds and an automatic shut off feature that powers it down after a specified amount of time for consistency


5. New Age Living BL1800 Commercial Blender

New Age Living BL1800 Commercial Blender

Heavy duty commercial blender with a powerful 3.5 horsepower motor, 6 stainless steel blades and a large, shatterproof 85-ounce container


6. Aicook Multifunctional Commercial Blender

Aicook Multifunctional Commercial Blender

Very versatile commercial blender with 8 presets, 7 variable speeds, a pulse control, a built-in timer and a self-cleaning function for easy use and maintenance


7. Juschef Professional High-Speed Commercial Blender

Juschef Professional High-Speed Commercial Blender

Very affordable commercial blender with 8 built-in presets, a 360° heating system and a 56-ounce high borosilicate glass pitcher that is healthier to use as compared to plastic jars


1. Waring MX1000XTXBest Professional Blender

Waring MX1000XTX Commercial Blender
  • Power: 2610 watts
  • Speed: 2 speeds
  • Capacity: 64 ounces
  • Material: Plastic

Waring’s MX1000XTX stands out as one of the best commercial blenders because it has a very powerful 3.5 horsepower motor, which translates to about 2610 watts of power. This gives you a lot of ice and frozen fruit crushing torque at your disposal, making it very ideal for business.

In addition to this, the unit has a shatterproof, BPA-free and dishwasher safe pitcher, which means that it can withstand a lot of impact from the spinning ice and fruits inside. It also means that it is safe to use, and very easy to clean after use.

This pitcher is quite big, with a capacity of 64 ounces and this makes it suitable for making a large batch of food for multiple customers.

In terms of use, the MX1000XTX features very simple controls, which include a high and low speed, plus a pulse setting to give you some manual control over the blending process. Although it lacks any preset, this simple setup makes it very easy to use.

Other features include an ultra-aggressive stainless-steel blade and a removable container lid with a removable clear cap for adding more ingredients inside as the blender is running.

On the downside, this product is relatively expensive, but it has a lot of power to show for it.


  • Very powerful motor.
  • Large 64-ounce pitcher
  • Shatterproof, BPA-free and dishwasher-safe pitcher
  • Easy to use
  • Strong and durable ultra-aggressive stainless-steel blades


  • No presets
  • Relatively expensive

2. Isun Aimores 6000Best Commercial Blender for Smoothies

Isun Aimores Commercial Blender
  • Power: 1100 watts
  • Speed: 6 speeds
  • Capacity: 75 ounces
  • Material: Plastic

Isun’s Aimores is a relatively affordable commercial blender and this is mostly because it features a relatively less powerful 1100-watt motor. However, what the product lacks in terms of power, makes up for it in the pitcher design.

For starters, the jar is quite large in capacity, measuring in at 75 ounces, and it is designed to create 4 vortices that bring all the food down to the blades through the middle for a more even blending across the board. The result of this is a very fine and smooth texture in your smoothies.

Additionally, 6 thickened stainless-steel blades are used to do the crushing, with 2 of them being horn sharp blades, another 2 are serrated with a downward end and the last 2 being prolonged blades with an upward end, resulting in superior crushing power.

In terms of use, this unit is quite loaded with a number of features that include 6 variable speeds, 6 pre-programmed settings (including a smoothie setting) and an LED display with a blue backlight for easy viewing during the program selection.

Other features include a built-in timer and a pulse function that gives you total control over the blending process.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Large 75-ounce pitcher
  • Pitcher design creates vortices that improve the blending quality
  • 6 thickened stainless-steel blades
  • 6 variable speeds, 6 presets and an LED display for easy use


  • Less powerful 1100-watt motor
  • No sound-shield

3. Hamilton Beach 58870Very Quiet Professional Blender

Hamilton Beach 58870 Professional Blender
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Speed: 10 speeds
  • Capacity: 32 ounces
  • Material: Plastic

Hamilton Beach’s 58870 features a relatively powerful 2 horsepower motor (1500 watts), which powers the blender through 10 variable speeds labeled from 1 to 10. These speeds are easy to select using a dial, with 1 being the slowest and 10 the fastest.

However, even at the fastest speed of 10 (over 105 mph), this blender operates very silently because it has a removable noise shield, which covers the whole blending jar. This dampens the noise caused by the spinning action inside as the food is being crushed by the blades.

Apart from having 10 speeds, this unit also features 4 pre-programmed settings, which include puree, crush, and smoothie, giving you one-touch functions for easy use. The fourth preset is a clean function, which lets you spin the blender with soap and water inside so as to self-clean.

Also, a pulse setting is included for manual control but regardless of the setting that you choose, the noise shield ensures that all operations run very silently.

Capacity wise, the 58870 features a 32-ounce pitcher, which might be a bit small to make large batches of food in a restaurant, but it still works. On the bright side, this jar is shatterproof and BPA-free for safe use.


  • 10 variable speeds
  • A sound shield makes it very quiet
  • 4 presets, including a self-clean function
  • Pulse setting is included for manual control
  • Shatterproof and BPA-free pitcher


  • Small 32-ounce jar

4. Vitamix 5086Best Vitamix Commercial Blender

Vitamix 5086 Advanced Commercial Blender
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Speed: 6 speeds
  • Capacity: 32 ounces
  • Material: Plastic

Vitamix’s 5086 is quite an expensive commercial blender, but it carries all the quality and durability features that signify any Vitamix blender.

For instance, the unit has a 2-horsepower motor (1500 watts), which is quite powerful and enough for commercial blending needs.

This engine supplies its torque to a set of hardened stainless-steel blades that have an enclosed casing with sealed ball bearings. Such a setup ensures that all the kinetic energy from the motor is efficiently transferred to the blades for superior pulverizing power.

For controls, the 5086 features 6 variable speeds that enable you to make smoothies and other drinks to have different textures.

These speeds are easily selected using a turn dial and have an automatic shut-off feature that lets you power it on then walk away, leaving it to power itself down after some time for consistent results on every blending cycle.

Other features include a BPA-free 32-ounce container and a pulse control that gives you manual control when blending your food.


  • Relatively powerful 1500-watt motor
  • Hardened stainless-steel blades in an enclosed casing with sealed ball bearings
  • 6 variable speeds plus pulse control
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • BPA-free blending container


  • Very expensive
  • Small 32-ounce pitcher

5. New Age Living BL1800Best Heavy-duty Commercial Blender

New Age Living BL1800 Commercial Blender
  • Power: 2610 watts
  • Speed: N/A
  • Capacity: 85 ounces
  • Material: Plastic

If you are looking for a heavy-duty commercial blender, New Age Living’s BL1800 is one of the best options to consider.

This is because the unit has a very powerful 3.5 horsepower motor (approximately 2610 watts) with a pure copper core that makes it super-conductive and thus, very efficient, resulting in a very fast spin that can go up to 35000 RPM.

On the upper side, a large, shatterproof and BPA-free 85-ounce jar is used to contain the ingredients, and it features 6 stainless-steel blades at the base that are very effective at pulverizing ice and hard, frozen fruits.

Two of the 6 blades have serrated edges, and these just improve on the crushing power of this blender. Combined with the above features, this makes it the top-rated commercial blender in this review.

In terms of control, the BL1800 has no pre-programmed settings, but it has an unmarked variable speed dial that only shows the minimum and maximum speed settings, letting you select through a very wide array of speeds in between. A pulse control is also included for manual control.


  • Very powerful 3.5 horsepower motor
  • A fast spin of up to 35000 RPM
  • Large shatterproof and BPA-free 85-ounce container
  • 6 stainless-steel blades, with 2 having serrated edges
  • Variable speed setting plus pulse control


  • No presets
  • No automatic shut-off

6. Aicook NY-8188MKBVery Versatile Commercial Blender

Aicook Multifunctional Commercial Blender
  • Power: 1400 watts
  • Speed: 7 speeds
  • Capacity: 60 ounces
  • Material: Glass

Aicook’s multifunctional blender is the most versatile commercial blender in this review because it has a lot of pre-programmed settings that automate the blending process when making sauces, juice, nut butter, smoothies, baby food, DIY milk, soup, and dips.

This means you get a total of 8 presets and in addition to this, the unit has an 800-watt heating function that lets you warm the baby food, DIY milk, soups and dips as you blend the ingredients.

In terms of speeds, this product has 7 variable ones that are easy to select using a turn dial, and it has an in-built timer that allows you to time the variable settings so as to achieve consistent results every time you blend.

On the upper side, a 60-ounce glass pitcher comes with this unit and it has a Tin coated blade system with 6 blades that are corrosion resistant, giving them a long lifespan of 6000 blending cycles.

Other features include a pulse function and a self-cleaning feature for easier maintenance.


  • 8 pre-programmed settings
  • 800-watt heating function
  • 7 variable speeds plus pulse control
  • 6 Tin-coated blades that are very durable
  • Self-cleaning function


  • Delicate glass pitcher
  • No noise shield feature

7. Juschef Professional BlenderBest Commercial Blender for the Money

Juschef Professional High-Speed Commercial Blender
  • Power: 900 watts
  • Speed: 9 speeds
  • Capacity: 56 ounces
  • Material: Glass

Juschef’s high-speed blender is the most affordable commercial unit in this review but this does not mean that it is a low-quality product.

In fact, it has some of the best features that include 8 in-built presets for making smoothies, shakes, soups, soymilk, baby food, butter, and sauces. These are all easy to select on a very intuitive touch panel and LCD screen, which is backlit for easy to use even in dark rooms.

The blender also has a 360° heating system that enables you to warm soymilk, baby food, soups and the like so that they can be consumed hot straight out of the jar, instead of having to warm them again after blending.

In terms of capacity, this professional unit features a 56-ounce high borosilicate glass pitcher, which is healthier to use than a plastic jar, and it has 6 pro-stainless-steel blades that give it superior crushing power.


  • Very affordable
  • 8 built-in presets
  • Easy to use touch panel and LCD screen
  • 360° heating system
  • 6 pro-stainless-steel blades


  • Delicate glass pitcher
  • Less powerful 900-watt motor

How to Buy the Best Commercial Blenders

How to Buy the Best Commercial Blender

1. Type of Commercial Blender

There are 3 main types of commercial blenders to consider. These are food blenders, bar blenders, and immersion blenders.

Food blenders are designed for more frequent use and have the ability to withstand continuous operation without breaking down. This is because they are used to blend thick foods and can also chop up hard ingredients like carrots or even ice.

For this reason, they usually have very powerful motors (1000 watts and above) and lots of presets to help simplify the food making process.

On the other hand, bar blenders are not very heavy duty because they are mostly used to make light drinks and smoothies. This means that they have less powerful motors, with a rating of fewer than 1000 watts. Some even feature glass jars for better visibility of the drinks inside.

Immersion blenders are not commonly used but are very good at chopping up soft foods and creams. Their greatest advantage, however, is that they are not limited by jar size.

Their suspended spinning blades can be immersed in jars of different sizes and thus, all you have to do is to select a heavy-duty unit so that it can comfortably blend different quantities of food in differently-sized pitchers.

2. Power

More power is always good to have, but it doesn’t necessarily make the blender better. Remember that more power means more energy consumption and thus, higher energy bills. The best choice should depend on your business requirements.

With that in mind, 1 – 1.5 HP rated blenders (roughly 750 – 1000 watts) are ideal for preparing light foods of about 75 servings per day while 2 HP blenders (1500 watts) are good for medium-thick food preparation of up to 100 servings per day.

The very powerful 3.5 HP blenders top the pack with the ability to prepare heavy foods and beverages, with an output of more than 100 servings per day. This should guide you on the product to buy according to your business size.

3. Capacity

A blender’s jar capacity ultimately determines the number of servings that you can make per blending cycle. If you prefer making small servings per time, a small 32 to 48-ounce pitcher is ideal for that.

However, if you want to be preparing large batches of food at a time, you must select a blender with a large jar of about 80 ounces, going up. Alternatively, you can use an immersion blender, which can prepare food in differently-sized pitchers.

4. Material

Commercial blender jars are either made up of glass or plastic. Glass is very delicate, but also very clear and does not discolor over time.

On the other hand, plastic can discolor over time, especially when exposed to hot food, but it is cheap and more durable because it does not break easily.

5. Noise Level

A quiet blender is certainly better than a noisy one. There is no doubt about that. Therefore, if you want to keep the noise down in your bar or restaurant, buy a blender that has a noise shield and other sound dampening features.

6. Type of Control

Commercial and all other blenders, in general, must have controls for operating the unit. Some have toggle switches, which are simple to use but are very limited, featuring fewer functions and almost no automated features.

Dials, buttons, and touchpads give you a wider array of blending functions to choose from, including variable power levels and make the blender a better solution for business needs.

However, the best type of controls are the programmable and timed settings, which give you automated functions over the blending process. This makes such a blender ideal for high volume businesses where similar foods are made throughout. Such blenders though, come at a high price.


Commercial blenders are very similar to their residential counterparts, but they have more power and have other enhancing features that make them very durable and more suitable for bars, restaurants, and other businesses.

However, you still have to select the most ideal unit and this article makes it easier for you to pick the best commercial blender for your business needs.