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10 Best Goldfish Foods 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Goldfish Food

For a goldfish, not only the right kind of food is essential but serving it in right quantity is also equally significant. Feeding them with the wrong type or wrong amount can react very badly for the fish.

Thus, you have to be very careful about the best goldfish food and all other related things. It has lesser amount of proteins and abundance of carbohydrate than any other tropical fish food.

The diet is created keeping in notice the special dietary requirements of a goldfish. There are various options available in the market including flakes, pellets, and gel food. Among all these, gel food is safer and easiest to digest.

Well, to help you make suitable purchase, we will suggest some of the finest goldfish foods in this review.

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Product Name




Current Price

1. Tetra Tetrafin Balanced Diet Goldfish Flake Food

Tetra Tetrafin Balanced Diet Goldfish Flake Food

Keeps the water clean and clear and comes with ProCare formula to supply all kind of necessary nutrients to the fish


2. Tetra Tetrafin Plus Goldfish Flake Food

Tetra Tetrafin Plus Goldfish Flake Food

Comes with natural shrimp odour and has ProCare products to provide essential nutrition and vitamins


3. API Goldfish Food Pellets

API Goldfish Food Pellets

Helps in strengthening the immune system and provide necessary vitamins, great for all species in goldfish


4. Aqueon Goldfish Granule Food

Aqueon Goldfish Granule Food

Comes with all necessary nutrients, slow sinking mechanism, great for various fish sizes


5. TetraPond Sticks Food for Goldfish and Koi

TetraPond Sticks Food for Goldfish and Koi

Has high content of protein and vitamin C, easily digestible, available in an airtight seal pack


6. Hartz Wardley Floating Fish Food

Hartz Wardley Floating Fish Food

Stabilizes the energy level of the fish, provide balanced nutrition, scientifically developed


7. Omega One Goldfish Pellets

Omega One Goldfish Pellets

Presence of 6 highly unsaturated fatty acids and Omega 3, boosts the activity of the fish, great composition


8. NewLife Spectrum Goldfish Food

NewLife Spectrum Goldfish Food

Essential nutrients to ensure healthy growth, small pellets for tiny goldfish, great overall product


9. Tetra Tetrafin Goldfish Flake

Tetra Tetrafin Goldfish Flake

High in nutrition, easy to digest, does not cloud the water


10. Fluval Hagen Goldfish Food

Fluval Hagen Goldfish Food

Great composition, keep the fish healthy, easy to eat and digest, affordable


1. Tetra 16621Best Natural Colour Enhancing Diet for Goldfish

Tetra Tetrafin Balanced Diet Goldfish Flake Food

For starters, the product is based on clean & clear water formula which means that the food does not release any harmful wastes in the water.

The ProCare formula of this diet is derived to provide essential nutrients to the fish. It contains a combination of vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids, immunostimulants, and biotin that keep the fish stress and disease-free.

The extremely easy-to-digest food helps in strengthening the immune system of the fish as well. Plus, the components of the diet will enhance the natural colours of the fish.

The ingredients of this meal are a little ambiguous because of the inclusions such as brown rice, oatmeal, and wheat gluten.

These are not the ingredients that goldfish usually have in the wild. So, it might be indigestible for some of the fishes. Also, the food contains artificial colours.   


  • Keep the aquarium water clean and sanitized
  • Made with easy to digest formula  
  • Comes in a combination of various nutrients and minerals
  • Keep the fish disease-free


  • Comes with artificial colours
  • Not suitable for the species that cannot digest grains

2. Tetra 77247High-quality Goldfish Food

Tetra Tetrafin Plus Goldfish Flake Food

Did you know that goldfish is constantly magnetized towards the natural shrimp? Well, while this product does not include shrimp but it does have its aroma that act as a natural attractant for the goldfish.

The Tetrafin Plus flake food has all the nutritional value of any other premium food. It contains extra vegetable matter that constant helps in boosting the health of the fish.

Plus, the high protein in the meal makes it one of the highly-digestible fish food in our list. The ProCare blend becomes an ultimate source of nutrients and minerals that progressively works in strengthening the immunity of the fish.

Just like the former food from the same brand, this one is also made with Clean & Clear water formula. The food does not readily get dissolved in the water or sticks at the bottom to hamper the water quality.

The only setback with this product is that it contains artificial colour which can be a deal breaker for few buyers. Other than that, this is a high-quality goldfish food in our list.


  • Rich composition of vitamins and minerals
  • Easy to digest food
  • Keep the water clean and clear
  • Strengthen the immunity of the fishes


  • Artificial colours are added to the food

3. API 833BEasily Digestible Goldfish Food

API Goldfish Food Pellets

The API food pellets can become a great source of proteins for the goldfish. The composition of pellets is done in such a way that they have abundance of proteins and fibre in it.

This not just boost the overall growth of the fish but is essentially great at digestion. Since the food is easily being digested, the fish will produce less waste and thus, the production of ammonia in the water will also be less.

There are no soluble colours or food items in this meal thus you can expect clean and clear water. As soon as the food is added in the water, the goldfish will be done eating in not more than 3 minutes.

Plus, the inclusions of yeast, garlic, and vitamin C, E, will also help in strengthening the immune system of the fish.

With all that said, we also need to point the drawbacks here. While everything about this diet is quite great, a 4 oz pack of food is available at relatively expensive rate. This is especially the case if we compare this meal with the others in our list.


  • No soluble colours or ingredients to contaminate the water
  • Great source of Vitamin C and E
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Easily digestible


  • Available at relatively higher price

4. Aqueon 100106053Best Slow Sinking Granules Meal for Daily Nutrition

Aqueon Goldfish Granule Food

Aqueon is a popular brand among fish food buyers. Well, that’s probably because of the increased nutritional content in the meals that are hard to find from any other brand.

The slow sinking granules gives enough time to the fish to swiftly finish the food. You should note that goldfish don’t pick the food from the substrate and thus it is important for the granules to stay at the surface for a little longer for the fish to consume it.

This meal consists of all the essential nutrients required to ensure good health of the fish. This has spirulina that brings the natural colour vibrancy of the goldfish.

Plus, the presence of Omega 3 and vitamin C helps in ensuring good health. It also improves the immunity. The food is favourable for variably sized fishes and the quantity of the pack is also sufficient for multiple servings.

If the granules reach the bottom of the tank, they will solute in the water, causing cloudiness and contamination. So, you might have to be careful about the portions served.


  • Great source of vitamin C and Omega 3
  • Slow sinking mechanism give perfect chance to the fish to eat food
  • Large quantity for multiple servings
  • High nutritional value


  • Food dissolves in the water making it cloudy
  • It might also contaminate the water quality

5. TetraPond 16483Best Stick Food for the Goldfish

TetraPond Sticks Food for Goldfish and Koi

The protein content in TetraPond stick fish food is almost 28%. This is the top-rated goldfish food in our list with all the benefits that an ideal goldfish meal should have. It has high content of fibre and vitamin C as well.

The hollow sticks give sufficient time to the fish to consume the food before it settles at the bottom of the tank. Also, these are easier to digest which will eventually result in less production of waste.

The formula is created in such a way that you can easily feed the meal to the fish in water temperature of 50 degrees F or above.

While the pack is available with an airtight seal but constant exposure to the air will diminish the nutritional value of the food.

Make sure that the food is sealed and away from the reach of pets. The bag packing is easy to tear and your dog or cat might finish the food before you notice.


  • High in protein content
  • Easily digestible so finish produce less waste
  • The hollow sticks keep floating on the water surface


  • Comes in an easy-to-destroy pack
  • Should not be exposed to air or else it will lose the nutritional qualities

6. Hartz Wardley 4332400671Nutritionally Balanced & Scientifically Developed Goldfish Food

Hartz Wardley Floating Fish Food

Hartz Wardley has manufactured its fish food in form of pellets. It is nutritionally balanced and developed with a formula to stabilize the energy levels of the goldfish. The pack is available in different sizes for the ease of the buyers.

The common ingredients used in the making of the pellets is ground corn, fish meal, ground wheat, calcium carbonate, yeast, betaine, spirulina salt, etc. There are various other inclusions that promises the high nutritional value of the food.

The availability of spirulina salt will ensure that the natural colours of the goldfish are enhanced. However, there is a lot of composition of carbohydrates that fishes in the wild won’t it. Thus, it becomes unfit for many species of goldfish.

Before purchasing this pack, you need to make sure that goldfish in your aquarium is not completely against consuming carbohydrates or else your purchase will be a waste.

Also, the waste food sits on the bottom and eventually contaminates the water.


  • Balanced nutritional diet
  • Stabilize the energy levels of the fish
  • Spirulina salt will bring out natural colours of the goldfish
  • Available in different sizes


  • Makes the water contaminated
  • Food is not suitable for all the goldfish species
  • High inclusion of carbohydrates that is not part of goldfish natural diet

7. Omega 02461Best for Sensitive Goldfish Digestive System

Omega One Goldfish Pellets

Goldfish don’t just require the best nutritional meal but also the one that can bring out their best colours. The Omega One pellet diet is the most suitable solution for both the needs.

The inclusion of salmon skin for beta-carotene will help in enhancing the colour vibrancy in the fishes.

Other than that, it also has a decent content of healthy fats for prolonged life of the fish. Other than the omega 3, the food also contains 6 highly unsaturated fatty acids that boost the activity and healthy growth as well.

The fishes that feed from the bottom will enjoy the meals because the pellets are quick in sinking. This way, it also prevents the floating bladder disease among goldfishes.


  • Rich unsaturated fatty acids
  • Omega 3 for overall health boost
  • Easy in digestion
  • Prevent floating bladder disease


  • Not suitable for the fishes that consume food at water surface
  • Sinks too fast

8. New Life Spectrum Goldfish 125g, 4.4ozBest Higher Concentration Formula

NewLife Spectrum Goldfish Food

Variably sized goldfish has different potential of eating and digesting the food. However, the NewLife pellets are made in such a way that all kind of goldfish will be able to digest the meal.

This one contains good amount of beta-carotene that helps in enhancing natural colours of the fish. Other than that, there is presence of all the essential nutrients to boost the healthy growth and activity of the fish.

Due to the tiny size of the pellets, even the new born fish can easily enjoy it. While the pellets remain on the surface for some time, you can always use finger to push them down and supply food.

With everything else being right with this product, the high cost of the pack is a concern for many buyers.


  • Small pellets for easy consumption
  • Easy to digest
  • High in essential nutrients
  • Suitable for the new born or tiny goldfish


  • A little overpriced if compared to other related products

9. Tetra 77127Naturally Balanced Diet for Optimal Health

Tetra Tetrafin Goldfish Flake

The special formula used in the making of this product meets the nutritional value required by a goldfish. You can serve this food in cold water as well, unlike various other foods available in the market.

Furthermore, the product maintains a blend of various nutrients including omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

The food is easy to digest and thus less waste is created by the fish. This way, the water does not get unhealthy. The production of ammonia is also less. The only setback is the usage of artificial colours in the product.


  • Easy to digest formula
  • Prevent the water against contamination
  • Great for different sized fishes
  • Nutritional value at its peak


  • Artificial colours are added to the food

10. Fluval A6564Best Cost-effective Goldfish Pellet Food

Fluval Hagen Goldfish Food

The Fluval Hagen pellets for goldfish is one of the most affordable and naturally created food for the finest health of your fish.

There is no usage of additional colorants and it is ultra-palatable for the fishes while giving them an opportunity to digest the meal with utmost ease.

This is an excellent source of vitamin C, proteins, antioxidants, and trace elements. With this diet, you pretty much provide the similar food to the fishes as they would have in the wild.

These are small sinking pallets that the surface fish as well as bottom feeders will enjoy. However, the dissolved food will cause problem as it will contaminate the tank water and also might make it stink.


  • Composition of the pellets is done intelligently
  • Extremely affordable
  • Great source of antioxidants and proteins
  • Slowly sink to give time to the fish for food consumption


  • Dissolve food will contaminate the water
  • You might also experience stink from the tank

How to Buy the Best Goldfish Foods

How to Buy Best Goldfish Food

First thing that you should know is that the goldfish are omnivorous. While in the wild, they would eat smaller fish, plants, insects, and crustaceans. You cannot match their natural diet but can surely provide them with a great alternative.

In this section of goldfish food review, you need to follow some basic tips that will help you in purchasing the right product.

1. Kind of Foods

There is not a certain kind of food that helps goldfish thrive. It needs a variety of food to create a balanced diet. And to do so, first you need to understand what a balanced diet is that can keep the fish healthy and disease-free.

Invest in High-Quality Products: Only a healthy and rich diet will supply essential proteins, fats, and nutrients to the goldfish.

Make sure that there are no fillers, wheat gluten, or land animals present in that diet. The goldfish is not able to digest all of this.

Supplements with Vegetables: The goldfish also require good amount of fibre in its diet that it probably gets from the plants and crustaceans.

However, this cannot be the only diet because they have sensitive digestive system. Periodic serving of vegetables will boost the digestion. Although you have to avoid doing so on the routine basis.

However, from different kinds of food available in the market including gel food, flakes, pellets, etc. we encourage using the gel food from the best goldfish food brand as recommended above.

Considering the natural food cycle of the goldfish, anything it consume is in the moist form. That is why, gel food is easy to consume for the fish and also helps in balancing the nutritional levels.

The advantages of gel food are hence forth:

  • It is less expensive than any other variety of goldfish food available in the pet stores.
  • Does not break too soon as you add it in the water. Give time to the fish to reach it and consume
  • You can assimilate the portion of food that you are serving your fish which is difficult to anticipate with other food types.
  • You can easily prepare it ay home and even after opening the powder box and exposing it to the air, the nutritional value does not go away.
  • The food does not contain any fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Helps in convenient digestion for the fish

2. Healthy Ingredients

Well, different meals are made of different ingredients. While all kind of ingredients are essential for overall health, there are still some that must be served to them.

You should be well informed about the different ingredients that should be fed to the goldfish. You can add some vegetables including peas, carrots, broccoli, garlic, etc.

Goldfish also like eating frozen food which is easily available in the pet stores. Make sure to pick the one that contain that are similar to their natural diet including mosquito larvae, tubifex worm, brine shrimp, and bloodworms. You can either serve them chopped or full.

3. Diversity

One should never keep a constant diet for the goldfish. You should keep adding some pleasant delicacies such as the live foods or the veggies.

Make sure that whatever you are feeding the fish, it is enjoying the food.

What Happens when you Overfeed Goldfish?

Overfeeding goldfish is a common concern among goldfish keeper. And excessive food can cause extreme problems for the fish. However, if you follow strict guidelines, you will never overfeed the fish.

You need to keep watch on the fish. They usually finish the food in 3 – 5 minutes. If your fish is taking longer than that then this is the first sign of adding extra food.

The surplus food will accumulate at the bottom of the aquarium and break down in black substance called mulm. The goldfish will not consume it.

The problem is not at fish’s end but in the water. The mulm will increase the ammonia level in the water which will react badly. It is toxic to the goldfish.

That is why, you should be very careful in adding an accurate amount of food inside the water. This will help in boosting the life of the fish in the tank.

Signs of Overfeeding Goldfish

Feeding is one of the best things to do for the aquarium keepers. And with the beautiful creatures like goldfish, this mistake can happen repeatedly.

There are certain signs that can help you understand that you have been overfeeding the goldfish:

Unfinished Food: Goldfish immediately attacks the food as soon as it is added in the water. But when the food submits at the end of the tank, this is a clear sign that you added an extra scoop to the water. This will also pollute the water quality.

Excessive Fish Waste: What goes in will come out and goldfish is known to create a lot of waste. When there is a noticeable increase in the waste production of the goldfish then you should immediately control the diet.

Algae Production: If you have been adding excessive food to the tank, you will soon witness a green and brown slime coat on the surface of tank.

This is called algae which will contaminate the water and also hampers the health of the fish. If you continue to supply extra food to the goldfish, it will also serve food to the algae and deteriorate the water quality consequently.

Odour: Surely, when the water will get dirty, it will create a stink in the room. That unpleasant odour is also a noticeable sign of excessive food in the tank.

This environment will be toxic for the goldfish.

After recognizing any such signs, you should immediately cut the diet of the fish and ensure that you are adding the needful quantity in the tank.


Buying the best goldfish food is not easy because of all the things that you have to keep in notice. But if you want a convenient getaway then pick any product that we have mentioned above.

As we conclude our goldfish food review, we would say that all our recommendations are made of safest ingredients to ensure good health and fulfilment of your goldfish. Explore the options and make thoughtful purchase!