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10 Best Pool Skimmers: Manual, Automatic and Self-Contained

Best Pool Skimmer

Skimmers are needed to remove all kind of pollutants and substantial dirt from the pool. These tools have mesh net installed that capture all the particles whether it is debris, pollens or leaves.

The best pool skimmer is the one that ensure that no dirt is left inside the pool and extracts it from the surface and the bottom.

These days, different types of pool skimmers are available in the market such as: automatic, self-contained, and manual. These differ in functionality and cost.

We will here make some recommendations on all the kinds of pool skimmers that you can consider for purchase. Let’s take a look

Product Name




Current Price

1. PoolSkim USA Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

PoolSkim USA Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

Removes all kind of substantial dirt, automatic, self-adjusting as per the water level, great option for larger pools


2. Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Pool Cleaner

Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Pool Cleaner

Economical, automatic, made of high-quality plastic, strong material, for above-ground pools only


3. ProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake

ProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake

Manual, rust and corrosion-resistant frame, strong material, for all kind of pools


4. Swimline Professional Heavy-Duty Pool Rake

Swimline Professional Heavy-Duty Pool Rake

Plastic frame, fine mesh net, fits most of the telescopic wand, economically priced, efficient


5. Haywards SP1091LX Dyna-Skim Above Ground Pool Skimmer

Haywards SP1091LX Dyna-Skim Above Ground Pool Skimmer

Suitable for above-ground pools, comes with a basket, UV resistant, automatic


6. Swimline 8039SL Heavy Duty Pool Skimmer

Swimline 8039SL Heavy Duty Pool Skimmer

Top-quality plastic, does not react to the chemicals in the pool, decently priced, traps all kind of dirt and debris


7. Milliard Pool Leaf Skimmer Net

Milliard Pool Leaf Skimmer Net

Rust resistant, fine-quality material, rigid wand, strong & durable, decently priced


8. Swimline 8051SL Pool Skimmer With Adjustable Telescopic Wand

Swimline 8051SL Pool Skimmer With Adjustable Telescopic Wand

Plastic frame, aluminium wand that is adjustable, nylon mesh economical, good for basic pool clean-up


9. FibroPro Professional Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer

FibroPro Professional Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer

Heavy-duty frame material, rust-resistant, extra-large mesh bag, suitable for larger pools


10. SkimmerMotion Automatic Pool Skimmer

SkimmerMotion Automatic Pool Skimmer

Automatic, compatible with various pool vacuums, offer deep-cleaning, compact design


1. PoolSkim USA Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner

PoolSkim USA Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner
  • Remove: Dust, Leaves, Bugs, Hair, Pollen
  • Frame: Plastic
  • Net: Nylon Mesh

PoolSkim USA is one of the leading brands to manufacture award-winning products. This one is an automatic pool skimmer with easy functionality.

Once you have attached it to the pump system of the pool, the water will undergo filtration process and all the substantial dirt and debris will be eliminated.

All kind of particles are trapped inside the nylon mesh installed in the skimmer before the water flows back inside the pool.

One of the most incredible features of this product is that it is self-adjusting. This means, that as the level of water goes up or down, the skimmer adjusts itself accordingly. Eventually, this model is always on the surface of the pool and provide effortless cleaning.

Starting from the installation to routine cleaning, everything about this skimmer is worth appreciating. However, this is not UV resistant which may cause functionality issues after some time.   

This product is suitable for the buyers with larger pools that don’t mind spending a good amount of money on the pool skimmer. However, the automatic functionality will surely save your time and effort of manual cleaning.


  • Self-adjusting
  • Great in performance
  • Always stay at the pool surface
  • Effortless cleaning


  • Expensive
  • Not UV resistant

2. Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Pool Cleaner

Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Pool Cleaner
  • Remove: Leaves, Bugs, Sunscreen Sludge, Debris
  • Frame: Plastic
  • Net: N/A

The Intex Deluxe pool skimmer is an automatic product but relatively much cheaper than the former model. This is suitable for the removal of leaves, bugs, debris, and all other elements.

As its name suggests, this one will simply mount on the side of above-ground pool and skim away all the debris and substantial dirt in the water. It constantly works and does not let the pollutants to sit on the ground of the pool but eats them as soon as they appear.

This product is great for above ground pools that comes with easy mount. All it requires is an easy attachment to the pool pump and the skimmer will start to cleanse the water. 

High-quality polypropylene plastic is used in the making of the skimmer which is completely unaffected by the chemicals inside the pool.

All the dirt and elements are collected in the stringing basket that you can remove when it is filled to its capacity. It can be reinstalled easily for continual usage.

While the functionality is good, this product is not as effective in large in-ground pools. Also, it is not self-adjustable and you may have to bring it to the surface as the water level goes up and down.


  • Efficient
  • High-quality plastic 
  • Unaffected by chemicals
  • Great in performance


  • Does not self-adjust according to the water level of the pool
  • Not suitable for in-ground pools

3. ProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake

ProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake
  • Remove: Leaves, Insect, Debris, Small Particles
  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy
  • Net: Nylon Mesh

ProTuff skimmer rake is the top-rated pool skimmer in our list. This is a simple rake with amazing performance.

There is an aluminium alloy frame that is completely rust and corrosion-resistant. No matter for how long you dip the rake inside the water, no damage will happen to the frame. It is designed in such a way that it will not twist or bend.

As far as the net is concerned, the nylon mesh is pretty durable and glued to the frame firmly that even the harsh usage will not take of the mesh from the frame.

Also, the element capturing tendency of this model is surprisingly great. There is a winged handle that offer firmness and comfort. All you need to do is to glide scoop the rake inside the water and catch all the dirt.

Another significant thing about this model is that it comes with lifetime guarantee. This means that whenever anything goes wrong with the rake, you can simply get it replaced with a new one. This product is suitable for all kind of pools.

This is suitable for the people who don’t mind cleaning the pool manually. This may tire the user a little but will give great cleaning.


  • Suitable for all kind of pools
  • Durable Mesh
  • Rust-resistant alloy
  • Great performance


  • Manual usage may tire the user

4. Swimline Professional Heavy-Duty Pool Rake

Swimline Professional Heavy-Duty Pool Rake
  • Remove: Leaves, Debris, Small Particles
  • Frame: Plastic
  • Net: Fine Mesh

If you are interested in lowly-priced skimmer rakes then this is also a great choice to make from Swimline. The frame is made of plastic that does not reacts to the chemicals inside the pool.

The usage is pretty simple as you just have to scoop all the minute and large dirt and debris from the water and eliminate it. To capture the dirt, fine mesh is used inside the frame that catches all kind of dirt.

The design is quite appealing and the material is super strong. Also, it fits most of the telescopic wands which means that there is no more hassle of confined reach of the rake.

The curved edges ensure that no damage can happen to the pool sides because of the rake. This way, you pool is safe from scratches and wear.

You can use a large wand and increase the reach of the skimmer. This is suitable for people with minimal needs from their skimmer and can handle all the cleaning task manually.

However, because there is no involvement of a motor or pump, the turbulence in water is less and thus it becomes difficult to remove dirt from the bottom of the pool.


  • Fits most of the telescopic wands
  • Economical
  • Efficient
  • Remove surface dirt


  • The plastic quality could have been better
  • Does not remove dirt from the bottom

5. Haywards SP1091LX Dyna-Skim Above Ground Pool Skimmer

Haywards SP1091LX Dyna-Skim Above Ground Pool Skimmer
  • Remove: Large Leaves, Particles, Bugs, Dirt, Debris
  • Frame: Plastic
  • Net: N/A

This product from Haywards is suitable for above-ground pools. It is made of high-quality plastic material that is UV-resistant and quite durable. No damage will come to the skimmer, even after constant exposure to the sunlight.

Unlike other products, this model comes with a basket where all the dirt and particles are collected. It does not have a mesh but still offer unparallel performance.

The skimmer has to be attached to the pool pump and thus it will constantly attract the contaminated water, and sanitize it by removing all the substantial and minute dirt. 

The skimmer is mounted on the pool wall. Also, the top and front access is given to the basket from where you can remove it to take off the elements.

The installation may feel a little challenging because of various components that you have to attach. That is why, it will require professional help to perfectly install it inside the pool.

This product is suitable for people with above-ground pools and who wants a simple product with basic functionality. Also, you may have to eliminate the collected debris from the basket repeatedly before it floats back into the pool.


  • UV Resistant
  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Catches all kind of large and minute dirt


  • Installation could be a little tricky
  • The debris may float back inside the pool if not constantly removed from the basket

6. Swimline 8039SL Heavy Duty Pool Skimmer

Swimline 8039SL Heavy Duty Pool Skimmer
  • Remove: Leaves, Particles, Debris
  • Frame: Plastic
  • Net: Nylon Mesh

This pool skimmer from Swimline is heavy duty and made with quality plastic that does not react to the chemicals inside the pool. This way, the durability of this model is safeguarded by the brand.

The working mechanism is simple as you just have to draw it inside the pool and scoop the debris and substantial dirt outside. This one is capable of eliminating leaves, and all kinds of elements.

The structural molded leaf is shaped in such a way that you don’t have to make a lot of efforts to do the cleaning task. The sturdy plastic frame and nylon mesh makes a perfect combination for effortless cleaning.

This product is suitable for the buyers that want to buy economically priced skimmer rake. However, you don’t get the wand along with this model.


  • Effortless cleaning
  • Durable
  • High-quality plastic
  • Nylon mesh grabs all kind of dirt in the pool


  • Wand is not available with the product

7. Milliard Pool Leaf Skimmer Net

Milliard Pool Leaf Skimmer Net
  • Remove: Bugs, Debris, Leaves
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Net: Nylon Mesh

For someone who is looking for the best budget pool skimmer that can provide effortless and quality cleaning, this model from Milliard makes a considerable purchase.

The pricing and designing of this product are done thoughtfully. It features aluminium frame with nylon mesh that is suitable of trapping all kind of bugs, debris, and leaves.

The frame is completely rust-resistant and will not react to the chemicals in the pool as well. However, it is relatively smaller and you may have to make multiple attempts to clean the entire pool.

As far as the handle is concerned, you can completely trust it for the strength and durability.

The handle will not bend or break even if you have applied a lot of force while cleaning the pool. Plus, it is detachable which means that you can easily take off the larger handle and attach the frame to the smaller handle for small pools.

It is not just suitable for the pools but also makes a perfect fit for hot tub cleaning. The only problem is that you may have to use it a little carefully near the pool lining or the alloy frame will damage it.


  • Great quality
  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Does not tire the user


  • May damage the pool lining
  • Smaller in size

8. Swimline 8051SL Pool Skimmer With Adjustable Telescopic Wand

Swimline 8051SL Pool Skimmer With Adjustable Telescopic Wand
  • Remove: Fine Particles, Leaves, Bugs
  • Frame: Plastic
  • Net: N/A

Well, this product from Swimline is another considerable option to explore. It comes with a plastic frame which doesn’t react to the chemicals inside the pool.

The wand of the skimmer is made of aluminium and you can dip the rake inside the pool for as long as you want and the frame will not react and catch rust.

The high-quality mesh used with this model ensure that all the fine particles and large elements are carefully eliminated from the pool.

The length of the telescopic wand can be adjusted as per your requirements. But we will not recommend this one for large pools because the wand is not long enough to reach the bottom of the pool and eliminate dirt from there.

Also, plastic frame and aluminium wand does not make best combination because the handle is stronger than the frame as a result, the plastic may get break soon.

This model is suitable for the people who wants to buy a simple manual skimmer, without a lot of fancy features.


  • Adjustable wand
  • Plastic does not react to chemicals
  • Rust-resistant wand
  • Economical


  • Frame material could have been better
  • Not suitable for large pools

9. FibroPro Professional Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer

FibroPro Professional Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer
  • Remove: Debris, Pollens, Bugs, Leaves
  • Frame: Aluminium  
  • Net: Poly Mesh

This skimmer from FibroPro is a professional-grade product. It comes with extra-large mesh which means that it will minimize the cleaning time.

The heavy-duty aluminium frame is lightweight and completely rust-resistant. Also, the manoeuvre is easy because of the less resistant edges. This way, the pool lining is also protected from any kind of damage caused by skimmers.

Furthermore, this model is equipped with dual-layer poly mesh to ensure that it does not miss even the slightest particle inside the pool. However, the wand is not as strong as the frame.

This product is suitable for all those who wants something of decent standards. The skimmer will be helpful in routine pool clean-up.


  • Heavy-duty aluminium frame
  • Easy manoeuvre
  • Pose no threat to the pool lining
  • Rust-resistant frame


  • The wand is not as strong

10. SkimmerMotion Automatic Pool Skimmer

SkimmerMotion Automatic Pool Skimmer
  • Remove: Smaller Debris, Particles
  • Frame: Plastic 
  • Net: N/A

SkimmerMotion Automatic is the best floating pool skimmer in the market that effortlessly remove all the dirt and substances from the pool. It eliminates the elements before they touch the bottom of the pool.

This product travels in a pack with a vacuum cleaner and covers every nook and corner of the pool. It also touches all the difficult to reach areas efficiently, thus leaving clean water everywhere.

This skimmer is compatible with all the latest models in pool vacuum cleaners. The sleek profile and compact design make an eye-pleasing sight as this product performs its task inside the pool.

No wonder this model will be appreciated by many buyers because of its functionality. But, this is not energy efficient and regular usage will charge massive electricity bill.


  • Compact design
  • Automatic
  • Compatible with different pool vacuum cleaners
  • Offer deep-cleaning of the pool


  • Not energy efficient

How to Buy the Best Pool Skimmers

How to Buy Best Pool Skimmer

Pollen, debris, leaves, and other particles not just looks unappealing in the pool but they also contaminate the water. So, in this part of pool skimmer review, we will give you some essential tips to make your purchase worth every penny spent.

1. Type of Pool Skimmers

The pool skimmers are available in three different types. These vary in how they operate, how much they cost, and how efficient these are. Let’s take a look:

Manual Skimmer: There are many buyers that stick to the conventional options in pool skimmers. Well, this one is a basic skimmer, made with fine mesh attached to a frame and a pole.

This does not require electricity for operation but the user has to operate it manually. The manual skimmers are not best for filtering the water but simply to collect large particles floating in the water.

They come with a hose that is attached to the pool outlet system and pump from where suction is supplied and debris is collected as you manually move the skimmer.

These are relatively cheap and decently clean the easy-to-locate objects from the pool.

Automatic Skimmer: The skimmer is attached to the pool pump. Water is sucked using the hose and the paddlers and propellers move the tool on the pool surface.

The movement of these skimmers is not pre-set. They float in random directions to prevent get stuck at one place in the pool.

These skimmers have to be re-deployed on the routine basis. Also, these are expensive than the manual skimmers. 

Thanks to the innovation in automatic products, these days you can also find remote control pool skimmers that make the task pretty easy, on a push of a button. Surely, such products are way more expensive than the basic ones.

Self-Contained Skimmer: These can also be referred as solar skimmers because these are powered by sunlight.

If compared with the former two types, this one is relatively new in the market. There are built-in panels that harness power from the sun. This means that the skimmer will only function in the sunlight.

The tendency of capturing fine and substantial dirt from the pool is quite decent. The cost of self-contained skimmers is more than both the former types mentioned.

But, at the same time, these considerably reduce the power bill that you use for the pump to operate. The shortcoming is quite evident that this type cannot work in the night time.

Buying Advice

Clearly, if you want cleaning to be done automatically then buy the best automatic pool skimmer that will handle the entire cleaning task solely. The reach and efficiency of these skimmers is better than any other. But for this, you will have to spend a hefty amount.

And if a purchase on budget is your priority then manual skimmers are the ideal choice to make. Because of the drawbacks of self-contained skimmers, we don’t really recommend these to the buyers.

2. Types of Pool

Other than the skimmer type, you also have to consider the type of pool before buying the best product.

Skimmers for Above Ground Pools: It is important for the above-ground pool skimmer to have a safety cover. The interaction of these skimmers is also different from how the skimmers interact with the in-ground pools.

These skimmers should be such that don’t harm the pool lining. Also, these products are mostly equipped with bolts and screws.

Its best to use a skimmer rake or floating ones for the above ground pools.

Skimmers for In-Ground Pools: Most of the skimmers used in in-ground pools are latched to the pool-side concrete, just below the level of the water.

As the water reaches the skimmer to the pool’s pump, it is filtered from substantial dirt and debris.

3. Durability

All the pool skimmers are not created with same aesthetics. This means that there is always a difference between the quality and life of the products.

You need to purchase the one that performs efficiently and is durable enough to serve for the longest time. We have made some pretty strong recommendations in this pool skimmer review that are made with high-quality mechanism for long-lasting usage.

4. Mesh Quality

If anything, that can determine the filtration of the skimmer is the quality of mesh used in it. You need to find a mesh that has sufficient sized holes to allow the water to easily flow.

But at the same time, the holes shouldn’t be too large to let go of the dirt and debris. It is important to buy the mesh that lasts and have the tendency to capture anything.

Also, it may have to endure wear and tear so best is to look for a durable material and is durable to serve for a long time.  

5. UV Resistant

Considering the fact that a pool skimmer is in constant contact with UV rays, you need to make sure that the product is completely UV resistant.

A manual skimmer can be stored indoors but same won’t be the case with automatic skimmers that are attached to the pool wall.

Plastic skimmers are more popular in the niche but they are not as UV resistant as metal skimmers with UV-resistant coating.

Make sure to purchase suitable product if you want to safeguard durability.


We will finish this review of best pool skimmer by saying that pool looks at its best when the water inside is completely clean and refreshing.

Cleaning pool is challenging but with right tools in your hand, you can do the task effortlessly. We have recommended all kind pool skimmers so that our readers can have choice as per their requirement.

If you want to buy an affordable product then there are great options from Intext, Swimline, and Milliard. Similarly, various other high-end models are recommended to the buyers.

For example, if you want a pool surface skimmer then PoolSkim USA Pool Skimmer and Pool Cleaner is the finest product because it is self-adjusting according to the water level.

So, all the products are great and will give you full value of the money spent. Take a look and make a suitable purchase. Happy Shopping!


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