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10 Best Potato Ricers – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Potato Ricer

For elementary mashing of potatoes and creating a perfect smooth fluffy baby food at home, you will need the best potato ricer.

The potato ricers are very comfortable to use since they have long and soft-grip handles. In addition to this, they also have non-slip knobs for easy holding on the bowl or pot.

Second, to this, the potato ricers are durable and safe for kitchen use thanks to the rugged built. They have perforated disc/plates for getting different shapes and sizes of mashed potatoes.

By reading through our top potato ricer review, you will definitely find a perfect ricer for home or commercial use.

10 Best Potato Ricers – Reviews

OXO 26981 Potato Ricer

The potato ricer has been carefully crafted from durable stainless steel material. This is the reason why the potato ricer is resistant to both corrosion and rust and, therefore, withstands repeated use.

More interestingly, it has been equipped with a large steel hopper with a built-in perforated steel plate. This allows for getting quality sized potato rice

The good news is that the potato ricer has non-slip grip handles with special rubber layers. Because of this, it provides a very comfortable grip and also aids in absorbing the pressure when squeezing. They are also non-slip handles for convenient use.

The non-slip knob also aids in holding the ricer in place over the pot or bowl for convenient services.

The versatile potato ricer is great for a number of activities in the kitchen. You can use it for making the baby food from cooked carrots, apples, and much more. In addition to this, it is also suited for making smooth fluffy mashed potatoes.

Since it a dishwasher safe potato ricer, you can easily clean and keep clean. Alternatively, it is also a hand wash.

The ricer only has a single plate and, therefore, no interchangeable options plus you have to cut the potatoes into smaller pieces for ricing.


  • Withstands repeated use
  • Quality and durable perforated steel plate
  • Offers comfortable grip
  • A highly versatile ricer


  • Lacks interchangeable plates
  • Potatoes must be cut into smaller pieces
Chef’n 102-157-001 Potato Ricer

Due to the high-quality stainless steel construction, this is an amazing potato ricer that will serve for years. The stainless steel keeps it corrosion resistant and, therefore, for use in any modern kitchen.

Second, to this, it features a removable stainless steel perforated basket, which makes allows for excellent ricing. In addition to this, the hopper is relatively larger in size, which makes it great for mashing more potatoes.

Featuring the easy squeeze handles, it allows for elementary preparation of the mashed potatoes. With the extra gear mechanism, which makes it up to 65% more efficient, the ricer delivers great power while reducing the hand strain.

More interestingly, it is a highly versatile ricer that you can use for making mashed potatoes from foods like colcannon, potato croquettes, shepherd’s pie, and pierogis among others.

It is a dishwasher safe potato ricer that you can easily clean. The parts are also detachable for deep cleaning.

The only drawback is that it has only of a single ricing pore size.


  • Corrosion-resistant and durable
  • Accommodate more potatoes
  • Delivers a great power and more efficient
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Only a single ricing pore
Priority Chef PR-01 Potato Ricer

Crafted from 100% rust-proof and high-quality stainless steel, it is a perfect potato ricer that is durable. Due to this, it is resistant to corrosion, stain, and deformation.

Furthermore, it has a perforated built-in stainless steel hopper to accommodate even larger potatoes. Apart from potatoes, it is also ideal for mashing carrots, veggies, and turnips among others.

The good news is that it features soft silicone anti-slip long handles for excellent leverage. This makes the operation easier and simpler. Due to this, you won’t experience arm sore or fatigue.

The ergonomically designed and multi-purpose ricer is even fit for commercial use as it makes mashing and ricing convenient.

The ricer also features a knob that aids in holding it in place over the bowl when ricing.

You will have to stick to the single size perforation since it has no interchangeable discs and the weight is kind of heavier. 


  • Resistant to stain, deformation, and corrosion
  • Accommodates larger potatoes
  • Offers excellent leverage
  • Fit for commercial use


  • No interchangeable discs
  • Relatively heavier
Bellemain SYNCHKG126132 Potato Ricer

The potato ricer has been made from 18/10 polished, heavy and high-quality stainless steel material. With this, it not only guarantees long-term performance but also elegant for your kitchen.

Apart from this, the ricer comes with a large basket with three interchangeable fineness discs. The discs are perforated in smaller, medium, and coarse sizes and, therefore, suits all your ricing needs.

The longer handles fitted with form-fitting grips bring about a secure and easy grip for easy mashing. This will greatly reduce the pressure in the hands even when mashing larger potatoes.

The professional ricer is dishwasher safe, which allows for an elementary cleaning of all parts for easy maintenance.

With the non-slip knob, the ricer will always remain in place when ricing. This makes the whole process convenient and easier.

Indeed, it is a versatile ricer that can be used for mashing potatoes, carrots, and vegetables among others.

The potato ricer is relatively expensive however, it provides you with up to 2-year warranty for the guarantees of its safety. Due to the heavy steel, it is a bit heavier in weight.


  • Delivers long-term performance
  • Comes with three interchangeable discs
  • Offers a secure and easy-grip
  • Elementary to clean


  • Heavier in weight
  • High cost
Metaltex USA 25.17.15 Potato Ricer

What we love about the potato ricer is the rugged built from BPA-free ABS plastic with stainless steel discs. Because of this, it is a high-performing ricer that suits years of service.

Additionally, the ricer has a medium hopper with three interchangeable stainless steel discs. These include the fine, medium, and coarse discs. The coarse disc is suited for the mashed potatoes while the medium disc is perfect for purring vegetables and making the German Spätzle.

The long and comfy handles provide a very secure grip for easy mashing of the potatoes. This reduces the pressure on the hands and fatigue.

The versatile kitchen tool can also be used as a juicer for making juice from grapefruits, tangerines, and oranges. In addition to this, it suits making homemade tomato sauce and apple sauce.

Moreover, the ricer is top-rack dishwasher safe, which makes the cleaning convenient and faster. It also has a compact and sleek design for easy storage after use.

The plastic body implies that it is lightweight and with the medium-sized hopper, it is not suitable for larger potatoes


  • Durable and BPA free material
  • Provides interchangeable discs
  • Offers a comfortable and secure grip
  • A widely applicable kitchen tool


  • Lightweight ricer
  • Doesn’t fit larger potatoes
Norpro 463 Potato Ricer

Introducing the durable potato ricer built from high-quality commercial grade stainless steel material from Norpo that delivers great service for years. The quality built also ensures that it is rust and stain-resistant. Due to the heavy-duty stainless steel built, it is kind of heavier in weight.

In addition to this, the ricer has a large 2.75 cups hopper with built-in perforated plates. With this, it accommodates larger potatoes for easy mashing.

The long secure handles provide easy-grip. This brings about effortless mashing of the potatoes as it aids in reducing the pressure and fatigue of the hands.

More interestingly, it is a widely applicable ricer that is suited for mashing cooked potatoes plus vegetables including yams, carrots, tomatoes, and cauliflower.

With the side knob, it will perfectly fit on the bowls and pots for non-mess use. Despite having a larger hopper, it is relatively compact and sleek for storage.

The hand wash ricer is elementary to clean and maintain even though it is not dishwasher safe. It is one of the most expensive potato ricers and, therefore, not a pick for many users.


  • Delivers great service for years
  • Have a large hopper with built-in perforation
  • Offers very secure grips
  • Perfectly fits bowls and pots


  • Relatively pricey
  • Not dishwasher safe
RSVP International SPUD Potato Ricer

For increased longevity, this potato ricer has been designed from heavy-duty and BPA-free plastic and stainless steel plates. This combo implies that is a safe and durable ricer suited for long-term performance.

Featuring a larger hopper with two interchangeable stainless steel plates, you can choose to use the medium or coarse plate. With this, you will find it a versatile ricer that will suit all your kitchen.

It has been equipped with quality contoured handles to bring about easy and effortless mashing of the potatoes. The handles are easy to hold plus reduces pressure on the handles.

Besides this, it has a pot extension that aids in holding the ricer very steady and avoid the mess on the surface.

Indeed, it is a dishwasher safe top-rack ricer that is convenient to clean. In addition to this, it is also ergonomic and user-friendly ricer.

The lightweight ricer is widely applicable since you can use it for mashing potatoes, carrots, and vegetables. You can also use it for making homemade baby food.


  • Safe and durable ricer
  • Have both medium and coarse plates
  • Offers easy and effortless mashing
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Relatively lightweight
Kuhn Rikon 2664 Potato Ricer

The rugged construction of the potato ricer from quality ABS plastic and stainless steel material assures extended use and great performance. The BPA-free material ensures that it is safe for ricing.

Additionally, the ricer features 1.5-cup capacity with two stainless steel discs. The ricer comes with a screw-on collar for a breeze change of the disc when needed. The large capacity can accommodate up to one large plus two medium-sized potatoes.

The good thing is that it has long comfortable handles to offer easy and secure grips. Because of this, it offers a perfect balance with less effort and elementary rinsing.

With this quality versatile ricer, you can easily get a perfect texture for mashed potatoes plus other root vegetables. Moreover, it is also great for making tomato puree or berry sauces for desserts. The ricer is also suited for making homemade baby food.

The dishwasher safe ricer is elementary to clean and maintain for long-term use however, it lacks a knob for holding it in place plus lightweight due to plastic built.


  • Delivers extended use and performance
  • Have a large 1.5 cups hopper and two discs
  • Provides safe and secure grip
  • A widely applicable ricer


  • Relatively lightweight
  • Lacks a knob holder
MyLifeUNIT KC17L280 Potato Ricer

This is a great potato ricer constructed from the highest quality of 304 stainless steel material. Due to this, it delivers top-notch performances and increased durability. The stainless steel built also brings about maximum pressure.

The good thing is that the large potato ricer has 3-cups hopper with built-in perforated plates. This implies that you don’t need to slice the potatoes before putting into the hopper. The side knobs also make it very stable and sturdy when ricing.

With the long extended 11.-5-inches ergonomic stainless steel handles, you get to firmly hold the ricer for easy squeezing. Despite lacking soft grips, it is easy and comfortable to use for efficient results.

Due to the heavy-duty design, it is a versatile ricer that is suited for both business and commercial use for mashing potatoes.

The compact and ergonomic design of the ricer offers an easy way to use and clean. The ricer isn’t dishwasher safe though elementary to hand wash. The heavy-duty built also implies that it is a bit heavier.


  • Offers maximum performance and pressure
  • Accommodates more potatoes
  • Offers secure grip
  • Suits business and commercial use


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Relatively heavier
Rorence R-K-03B Potato Ricer

The material used in the construction of the potato ricer is a consideration to look before making the purchase. The potato ricer is built from heavy polished and high-quality stainless steel material for repeated use and increased longevity.

Apart from this, the ricer has a large hopper with three interchangeable discs and, therefore, great for more than just potatoes. The medium and coarse discs are suited for potatoes and vegetables. With this, you can create smooth, fluffy mashed potatoes with no lumps.

Equipped with soft silicone long handles, it provides easier control and squeezing of the potatoes for smooth mashes. The long handles also aid in reducing the pressure and pain on hands.

The potato is 100% dishwasher safe for elementary cleaning. More interestingly, it also has a compact and sleek design, which makes it easy to store.

The widely applicable ricer is ideal for mashing the potatoes and carrots. In addition to this, it is great for making homemade food for the baby.

It is heavier in weight since it has been constructed from heavy polished stainless steel.


  • Assures of repeated use
  • Comes with three interchangeable discs
  • Easier to use for smooth mashes
  • A dishwasher safe ricer


  • Heavier in weight

How to Buy the Best Potato Ricer

How to Buy the Best Potato Ricer

Deciding on the ultimate potato ricer may be quite challenging due to the various models and sizes. Here are some of the considerations to help you find the best potato ricer.

1. Material

The longevity and performance of the potato ricer will depend on the type and quality of material used in the construction.

First, there are ricers made from purely stainless steel material while others have been designed from a combo of stainless steel and ABS plastic.

The ricers made from entirely stainless steel material are more sturdy and durable. They are also able to mash large potatoes at once.

The best stainless steel potato ricer is also rust, corrosion, and stain-resistant and, therefore delivers repeated use.

On the other hand, ABS plastic ricers with stainless steel plates are convenient though prone to breakage. Additionally, they are not able to accommodate more potatoes at once.

Generally, the stainless steel ricers are more durable and convenient compared to the ABS plastic ricers.

2. Number of Sizes of the Holes

The potato ricers have been equipped with different numbers and sizes of plates or discs. Some have built-in plates while others have interchangeable plates.

Besides this, some have a single plate while some have up to three-disc plates.

Ricers with a single plate also have one size of the hole. This limits you to the only size and, therefore, not widely applicable.

There are also potato ricers with two or three interchangeable discs. With such a ricer, you get different hole sizes including the medium and coarse for the convenient mashing of the potatoes and vegetables.

This implies that they are versatile unlike ricers with a single plate and, therefore, a reliable selection for top-notch performance. 

3. Comfortable

Since you need to squeeze the potatoes by applying the least force possible, it is vital to check for the comfort level of the potato ricer.

The comfortability will depend on the type and size of handles. This means that you need to check out for a ricer with soft grip handles.

In addition to this, the handles also need to be longer for easy and comfy hold. The soft grip aids in reducing the pressure on hands and, therefore, you don’t need to apply much force.

Moreover, you also need to check for the knob to keep it stable and comfier when mashing. Ricers with non-slip knobs allow for more sturdiness around the pot or bowl bring about more comfort when using the ricer.

4. Ease of Use and Clean

Almost all potato ricers are easy to use and clean due to the ergonomic shapes and dishwasher safe. Despite this, you still need to check for the ultimate shape and design that will suit you.

For an easy-to-use ricer, ensure that it has comfortable, easy-grip, and long handles. Such a ricer is definitely elementary to use in different positions as you don’t need to apply much pressure.

It should also have an ergonomic design that allows for easy addition of the potatoes.

For an easy to clean ricer, you need to consider the dishwasher safe options since not all are dishwasher safe.

For ricers that aren’t dishwasher safe, you need to ensure that it is elementary to hand wash.

5. Versatility

Besides mashing potatoes, the potato ricers are also recommended for other activities like making juice and smashing vegetables.

For convenient use, consider a widely applicable ricer that can mash potatoes, carrots, and even make juice from tomatoes and grapefruits. It also needs to be suited for making homemade baby food.

Moreover, it also needs to be ideal for both commercial and business use. For the best commercial potato ricer, it should have a large hopper and strong enough for long-term performance. 

Such a ricer will definitely suit all your mashing activities in the kitchen.


Since a potato ricer is a versatile and convenient kitchen tool, it is something you will need for everyday use.

The tool is essential as it aids in mashing potatoes and vegetables into different shapes and sizes. Besides this, the potato ricers are durable due to the rugged built, making them great for long-term service.

However, due to the increased numbers of potato ricers, it may be challenging finding the ultimate ricer for your kitchen.

From our detailed buyer’s guide and potato ricer review, you will not only find what it takes to find the right ricer but also the top-rated potato ricers.