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7 Best Tropical Fish Foods 2019: Pellets and Granules

Best Tropical Fish Food

Did you know that the diet requirement of a tropical fish is different from the goldfish? Feeding your fish with the right amount of food is absolutely vital. Overfed and underfed fishes react in a bad way. Plus, you need best tropical fish food for this purpose to ensure their best growth.

Most of the fish ailments originates from a bad batch of fish food. The right food is the one that can provide balanced nutrition including Vitamin D, proteins, carbohydrates, and iron.

If a certain kind of meal suits your fish then best not to change it frequently. There are multiple varieties of fish food available in market that vary in shapes and sizes. You can buy flakes, pellets, dried food, frozen food, etc.

If you are perplexed on the right kind of fish food then don’t be. In this tropical fish food review, we will recommend nutrition-rich food in the market that is safe for your fish and helps them in thriving.

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Product Name




Current Price

1. Tetra TetraMin Nutritionally Tropical Fish Food

Tetra TetraMin Nutritionally Tropical Fish Food

High in nutrients, suitable for all kind of species, Available in various sizes, great overall product


2. Tetra TetraColor Tropical Flakes with Natural Colour Enhancer

Tetra TetraColor Tropical Flakes with Natural Colour Enhancer

Enhance the natural colour of the fish, easy to digest, improves immunity, and available in different sizes


3. Tetra TetraMin Plus Tropical Fish Food

Tetra TetraMin Plus Tropical Fish Food

Serve best flavours of shrimp, attracts the fishes, good in digestion, also boosts the immunity


4. API Tropical Flake Fish Food

API Tropical Flake Fish Food

Suitable for various species in tropical fishes, great in boosting immunity, amazing product


5. Fluval Bug Bites Granules Tropical Fish Food

Fluval Bug Bites Granules Tropical Fish Food

Have salmon and omega 3 along with various other vital nutrients, great for overall health


6. Aqueon Tropical Flake Fish Food

Aqueon Tropical Flake Fish Food

Easy to digest flakes, available at a suitable price, great for all kind of fishes


7. Hartz Wardley Advanced Nutrition Tropical Fish Food

Hartz Wardley Advanced Nutrition Tropical Fish Food

Easy to digest, small size of the flakes, best suitable for smaller fishes


1. Tetra Tetramin Large Flakes 5.65ozBest Flake Fish Food

Tetra TetraMin Nutritionally Tropical Fish Food

The TetraMin tropical food is suitable for all the species because of the balanced nutrients that it has. The food provides uncompromised qualities to the fish because of the high-end nutrients including vitamins, minerals and trace elements, thus making the best flake fish food in the list.

The composition of the meal is done thoughtfully with 47% crude protein, 1% phosphate, 3% fibre, and 6% moisture. Also, there are omega 3 acids and biotin supplement that provide more activeness to the fish.

You can ensure maximum health and metabolism of the fish. The food is easily digestible which means that the fish will produce less waste and eventually the water remains fresh.

The balanced ingredients of the diet also help in boosting the immunity of the fish. This one is also suitable for all kind of fishes in different sizes and age.

Also, the colour can also be enhanced and their natural shades will come out in the most pleasant way. With all the good in it, the flakes have only one set back and that is that they dissolve in the water pretty soon.

Also, these don’t stay on the water surface for too long. So, if you have fishes that like to feed from the surface then they will not like it.


  • Keep the water fresh and clean
  • Enhances natural colour of the fish
  • Rich in necessary nutrients
  • Available in various sizes


  • Dissolve quickly in the water
  • Don’t stay on water surface for long

2. Tetra 16162Best Food to Enhance Natural Colour of the Fish

Tetra TetraColor Tropical Flakes with Natural Colour Enhancer

The natural colour enhancer variant from TetraColor is yet another great choice to make when you want the fishes to embrace their finest shades.

The flakes promote development of pink and orange red colours in the fishes that look spectacular. The product is available in various quantities.

As far as nutrition is concerned, the product also doesn’t lack in offering nutrients such as vitamin C, minerals, and trace elements. The formula is such that it does not cloud the water or contaminate it.

With 49% protein, 9% fat and 6% fibre, this diet is most suitable for carnivorous as well as omnivorous fishes. Plus, Omega 3 promotes the health and metabolism of the fish.

The patented ProCare formula helps in boosting the immunity and prevent illness. Due to great digestion offered from the meal, you can expect less waste. Thus, the water stays sanitized. This is the best freshwater fish food in our list.

Just like the former model, same goes for this one as well. It also sinks too fast to the bottom and dissolve quicker than other food.


  • Minimizes fish waste
  • Boost immunity
  • Great in digestion
  • Keep the water clean and healthy


  • Dissolve really fast

3. Tetra 77242Natural Taste Booster with Shrimp

Tetra TetraMin Plus Tropical Fish Food

The fishes usually get bored of same kind of food being fed to them on daily basis. They require some different flavours for a change. This TetraMin Plus food with shrimp flavour can be a perfect treat for them and to break the monotony.

The aroma of the shrimp will attract the fish in the tank. With this food, overeating is easily possible because of the great taste. So, you have to be careful with the portions while feeding them.

The meal is high in proteins and other nutrients to keep the fish highly satisfied. This one is suitable for carnivorous and omnivorous species.

Since the meal is highly digesting, you will find less waste in the water. Plus, whatever flakes sits on the bottom will not contaminate the water. To top it all, the ProCare formula of the flakes will help in boosting immunity.

You have to keep the packs enclosed in some air tight containers because with exposure to the air, the flakes will lose the nutrition. Other than that, this is the top-rated tropical fish food in the market.


  • Great in taste
  • Suitable for carnivorous and omnivorous fishes
  • Do not contaminate the water
  • Boost the immunity and digestion


  • Should not be exposed to the air or else it will lose the nutrition

4. API 820BHighly Suitable Fish Food for Balanced Diet

API Tropical Flake Fish Food

Unlike other products mentioned in the list, the API flakes are available in just one size pack. The flakes can be a great source of proteins to the fishes. This meal is suitable for all the different species.

The product is easy to consume and digest. Thus, no waste food sets on the bottom of the tank, resulting in increased ammonia level. The increased ammonia level can cause a lot of illnesses in the fishes including stress and gill damage.

It is a balanced diet thus you can feed it to different fishes including Betta, Angelfish, Barbs, Guppies, Tetras, etc. The inclusion of menhaden and squad promote optimal growth and carotenoids encourages better colouration.

This is a high-quality tropical fish food that keep them fully satisfied and happy. You are recommended to feed an appropriate quantity because the food left in the tank will highly contaminate the water and make it cloudy. Plus, the pack is relatively higher in price than the counterparts.


  • Suitable for different species of fishes
  • Great in boosting natural colours
  • Easy to digest
  • Keep the fish protected from various illness


  • Expensive in comparison to the other products
  • Clouds the water

5. Fluval A6578Best Insect Larvae & Salmon Recipe Fish Food

Fluval Bug Bites Granules Tropical Fish Food

The tropical fish food from Fruval has unique composition of 40% black soldier fly larvae. Other than that, there are various proteins and Omega 3 composition through the salmon.

The diet is quite beneficial for the overall health of the fishes. There are added minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are highly nutritious and good for the growth of the fish.

The product offers balanced diet and is easy to digest. Also, it has been priced suitably for all kind of buyers with medium to large fishes in their aquarium.

In order to ensure high quality of the product, Fluval has processed the formula in smaller batches that is completely free from any preservatives or artificial fillers and colours.

The food is not recommended for herbivorous fishes as they might react to it in a bad way.


  • High nutrition composition
  • Great for boosting growth
  • Easy to digest
  • Suitable for medium to large fishes


  • Not recommended for herbivorous fishes

6. Aqueon 100106033Best Food For Great Digestion

Aqueon Tropical Flake Fish Food

Aqueon flakes are among those food items that are light and easy to digest. It gives great experience to all kind of fish in the tank.

It is formulated with natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients. There are no artificial colours or preservatives in the pack.

Along with being highly promising towards the health, the food is also especially great in boosting the colours of the fish. Plus, it also works on increasing the immunity.

Since the food is well digested, you don’t have to worry about fishes creating more waste in the water. This is among the greatest products in our list however, the extra food settled on the base will give you hard time in cleaning.


  • Does not contain any artificial colours or nutrients
  • Well in digestion
  • Increases the immunity


  • The waste food creates a lot of mess

7. Hartz 4332400590Best Protein Rich Tropical Fish Food

Hartz Wardley Advanced Nutrition Tropical Fish Food

We say that if you have carnivorous fish in the aquarium then no food will be better than this one. It has high content of protein and suitable fibre that is required by the carnivorous fishes.

To ensure healthy immune system, it contains vitamin C rich components. The flakes are smaller in size so the young fishes will definitely enjoy the, However, we don’t suggest this food for the medium to large sized fishes.

Digestion is pretty convenient and you can expect less waste to be produced in the water. The richness of amino acids will act as a supplement to the fish.

The product is great and suitable for all the species. It is available in easy-to-open jar that you keep air tight to not lose the nutrition.


  • Rich in proteins
  • High content of vitamin C
  • Good for digestion
  • Works best to increase immunity


  • Not suggested for medium to large fishes

How to Buy the Best Tropical Fish Foods

How to Buy Best Tropical Fish Food

Well, in this section of tropical fish food review, we will be specifying some tips that you should keep in account while purchasing the right fish meal.

1. Pellets vs. Granules

Pellets and Granules, both these foods attract most of the buyers because of their richness of nutrition required by the fish and availability in various sizes.

Pellets: These are the food items that float on the surface of the water. This means, that if you fish like to eat its food as soon as you add it in the water, then pellets is the right choice to make.

Pellets have more nutritional value than other fish meals. Plus, the extremely tiny size is easy to consume for the young and small fishes. Plus, because of high density in the food, they are better at giving more fulfilment.   

Granules: It is mostly recognized as sinking food and loved by the fishes that like to eat their meals off the bottom of the aquarium.

However, the nutritional value of granules is lost if the fish don’t consume it in the 10 seconds soon after they are released in the water.

Plus, if compared to the pellets, granules don’t have as much nutrients to offer to the fishes.

Buying Advice: As said before, both the food has nutrition that is needed by the fish. Pellets are more fulfilling and have large content of nutrients. That is why, they are preferred to be the best tropical fish food.  

2. Nutrition

The nutritional need of each different species of fish varies. For example:

Carnivorous Fish: These are the meat-eating fishes that normally require live food. The nutritional requirements are different from the others. Their diet must include 50 – 70% protein, 2 – 4% fibre, and 3 - 6% fat.

Omnivorous Fish: Well, these fishes can feed on meat as well as vegetables. However, not all type of grains and plants are suitable for them.

Their diet should have 30 – 40% protein, 3 – 8% fibre, and 2 - 5% fat.

Herbivorous Fish: Lastly, we have the herbivorous that solely lives on the plant and vegetable diet. They are also known to sanitize the water as they can eat algae as well.

Plus, if you have installed plants in aquarium then you can rest assured that your fishes are being fed. The diet requirements are 15 – 30% protein, 2 – 6% fibre, and 1 - 3% fat

3. Feeding Time

The feeding can be a little challenging, especially for the new fish keepers that don’t know the exact amount of food to be fed and at what times.

You should know that not all fishes have to be fed equal amount of food. Some have more eating tendency than the other.

Make sure that you know all about the species of fish in the tank and the feeding cycle to avoid over or under feeding.

4. Variety

Like human, fish also get bored of the same food. So, best is to bring some variety in the meals. However, you should always fulfil the nutritional requirement of the fish, irrespective of the type of food being served.


How much food to feed tropical fish?

To feed the tropical fish in right manner, it is best to first understand how they would naturally feed themselves. Along with that, it is imperative to see if proper nutrition is being provided to the fish.

People are more likely to overfeed the fish than underfeed them. The requirement can vary from 3 – 5 flakes per every meal. This will help the fish to stay healthy.

However, the number of flakes will surely vary as per the size and age of the fish. Identically, it will also depend on the size of the pellet and flakes being served to them.

Most of the food box that you buy mention the quantity to be served as per the size and age of the fish. So, make sure you refer that.

How often to feed tropical fish?

Tropical fish has a very ambiguous feeding cycle and routines. They mostly feed whenever they see food or sometimes, they go a day or two between the feedings.

So, understanding the exact cycle can be a little troublesome. However, you can stick to the conventional feedings of the day i.e. 3 times in a day.

However, the overfeeding is often experienced because the food remains unfed in the water which eventually register itself on the bottom and hampers the water quality.

If you see the food depositing on the bottom, make sure to take few hours in between before the next feed.

How to feed tropical fish when going out?

Well, the answer to this will depend on the length of the vacation. In the wild, fishes don’t eat every day. They can easily live without food for a day or two. However, if you are going for a long time then make sure that you have the arrangements.

You can either ask someone to visit your house and feed the fish or use automatic feeder that will release food on the pre-set time of the day. This way, you can leave your fish alone for a couple of days and not worry about their feeding.


Tropical fish food is commonly available in the market. However, you may have to struggle to find the best tropical fish food.

All the options that we have mentioned above are suitable for different kind of tropical fishes. These are available at decent prices and provide required nutrition.

Depending on the need of your fish, you can pick their meals. Make sure to find the right one for the bottom feeding fishes and the ones you like to eat their meals from the surface.

Happy Shopping!