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7 Best Protein Skimmers: In-sump, HOB, In-tank and External

In freshwater tanks, most of the proteins and organic waste settles at the bottom of the tank. However, this waste usually dissolves in saltwater and this makes it very difficult to clean the water using normal filters. A protein skimmer is basically a filter that is designed to clear out this organic waste. There are some […]

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7 Best Tropical Fish Foods in 2019 (Pellets and Granules)

Did you know that the diet requirement of a tropical fish is different from the goldfish? Feeding your fish with the right amount of food is absolutely vital. Overfed and underfed fishes react in a bad way. Plus, you need best tropical fish food for this purpose to ensure their best growth. Most of the fish […]

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7 Best Aquarium Sands in 2019 (Play, Pool and Speciality)

Many aquarists use a certain type of substrate in their tanks, with the most common ones being gravel, rocks, soil, marble, and sand. Some even mix these substrates so as to build up a blended bottom layer to support different kinds of plant and fish. However, there are some benefits to using sand as a substrate […]

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6 Best Floating Aquarium Plants: Duckweed, Hornwort & More

Floating plants are a perfect addition to the aquarium. These plants don’t necessarily have to be appended to the base of the aquarium and keep floating on the surface. However, there are some of the floating plants that have longer roots connected to the bottom. There are various species in best floating aquarium plants that are […]

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9 Best Low Light Aquarium Plants You Need to Know

Aquarium plants give real-life experience of the wild to the fishes. There are different kind of plants available to be installed in an aquarium, low light plants being the finest choice to make. The best low light aquarium plants are also known as the easy plants because these are less in maintenance and can easily thrive […]

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5 Best Substrates for Betta Fish Tank (Sand, Gravel & More)

Most fish tank owners fail to recognize the importance of substrates on the health and well-being of their fish. Focusing on Bettas, these are tropical fish that prefer to live in warm, shallow waters and in such an environment, silt and gravel are the most common bottom layers, with a few plants shooting out of them. With […]

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