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7 Best Solar Generators [2020 Complete Guide]

A solar generator is a handy source of backup power for your home’s low-power devices. Since you’ll be charging your solar generator primarily using a solar panel, the unit should be lightweight and compact to support portability. A 100W – 200W solar generator will support many of your mobile devices and a few light-duty appliances for at […]

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7 Best Whole House Generators [2020]

Whole house generators are great sources of backup power for your entire home and all its appliances. These generators produce power in the upwards of 10,000 watts, with some models exceeding the output of 20,000 watts from their propane or natural gas-powered engines. Such power is a huge upgrade from that of the smaller portable generators and […]

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9 Best Quiet Portable Generators [2020 Complete Guide]

A quiet portable generator is a great source of backup or alternative power for home or outdoor use. You can use it to power multiple essential and sensitive appliances without worrying about the loud noises that conventional generators produce. Since you’ll be using the generator at home, during camping, or tailgating events, getting a model noise levels […]

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9 Best Portable Generators [2020]

Portable generators are a great alternative or backup power source for home and outdoor use, especially during outages. When shopping for a portable generator, its weight will be a key consideration because it directly affects portability. Power should be a priority too because it determines what appliances your generator can support. You’ll also find that most portable […]

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9 Best Inverter Generators [2020]

Whether you’re preparing to go camping, host a tailgating event, or simply planning for a rainy day, an inverter generator is an invaluable source of alternative power. It is quieter, more fuel-efficient, easier to maintain, and produces a higher-quality electrical output compared to conventional generators. Because inverter generators have a low total harmonic distortion (THD), they are […]

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