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10 Best Gas Grills under $200 – Reviews and Buying Guide

While gas grills can be quite pricey depending on the size and features, it is still possible to get a good gas grill for under $200. However, when you start shopping for the best gas grill under $200, you will be stunned by the number of options in the market within this price range. Because many people […]

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7 Best Kamado Grills in 2019: Fantastic Flavor & Durability

The Kamado grill or what some grillers like to refer to as the egg grill or ceramic grill has seen a surge in its popularity over the years thanks to its versatility, performance and the great tasting food that it makes. But, before you start shopping for the best Kamado grill for your backyard grilling and […]

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7 Best 2 Burner Gas Grills: Natural Gas and Propane Grill

A 2 burner gas grill provides the best grilling solution for anyone that loves to grill but does not have enough space in the backyard or lives in a small apartment or condo. Besides taking up little space, with the best 2 burner gas grill, you will also get something compact and highly portable for use […]

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10 Best Lump Charcoals: The Best Fuel Sources for Grilling

Lump charcoal is the fuel source that comes to mind when many seasoned grillers think about having a cookout with friends or even just making some flavorful and authentic tasting meat for the family. Although there are many other fuel sources that you can use for your backyard smoking and grilling, finding the best lump charcoal […]

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10 Best Portable Charcoal Grills for Cooking Almost Anywhere

If you are one of the many seasoned grillers that prefer to take the party on the go, a portable charcoal grill will be a great investment. With the best portable charcoal grill, you can cook from almost anywhere whether it is at the beach, park or deep in the woods when camping. Portable charcoal grills will […]

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7 Best Smoker Grill Combos 2019 (Convenience & Versatility)

Smoking and grilling always go hand in hand when it comes to the old-fashioned backyard barbeque, and with a smoker grill combo, you can do both on one multi-purpose grill. In a perfect world, every griller would want to have a separate dedicated grill and smoker, but financial and space constraints mean that this might not […]

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