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How To Smoke A Ham

Ham is a pork cut that covers the entire rear side of the pig. Ham is usually sold as either cured or fresh. The type of ham that you purchase will directly impact its taste. But once you’ve decided on the type of ham that you want, it is time to smoke it.  Here is a […]

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10 Best Outdoor LED Flood Lights [2020]

A flood light on your home or property helps to protect you, your family, and your valuables. These days, however, LEDs have become the bulb of choice, so it’s in your best interest to select the best outdoor LED flood light for your home. Being a relatively new technology, LEDs might pose a challenge for some […]

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10 Best Pellet Smokers [2020]

Photo: bbqsmarts.comThe name says it all. A pellet smoker is basically a grill that uses pellets as fuel to cook and also smoke your food. These grills are very popular primarily because of the smoking aspect because they make it possible to prepare delicious smoked food with very unique flavors. With that in mind, if you […]

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6 Best Cast Iron Hibachi Grills [2020 Complete Guide]

Photo: pinterest.comHibachi is originally a Japanese word that refers to a traditional heating device. However, in the US, hibachi grills are small, portable cooking devices that are used to prepare hamburgers, sausages, steaks, etc. in small amounts and in this case, they have cast-iron grates. These grills are also ideal for cooking smoke-flavored meat because they […]

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10 Best Gas Grills [2020 Complete Guide]

Gas grills are certainly not new. They are very popular in tailgating and other forms of barbecue parties specifically because they burn cleanly (producing practically no smoke) and are easy to use. However, there are different kinds of these gas grills in the market, with some being small, others large and fully featured, and many other […]

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