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10 Best Miter Gauges [2019]

A miter gauge is a woodworking tool that enables you to make angled or square cuts using a table saw. It features a calibrated protractor in a half-moon shape with a tightening knob to fasten it at the required angle so that you can cut your wood when stabilized. The tool is very important if you […]

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10 Best Cordless Reciprocating Saws [2019]

Reciprocating saws are very handy cutting machines that cut by using a push-pull action and hence the name reciprocating. Apart from being very handy, cordless reciprocating saws have the additional advantage of being easily portable because they carry their own battery packs. This means that you can use them anywhere so long as the battery is […]

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10 Best Wood Burning Kits [2019 Complete Guide]

For someone who is serious about wood crafting, it is essential to have the best wood burning kit. Why do you need the best and nothing less? Well, only a best kit will have all the features that you will need to make your projects easily. While there are a plenty of choices available on the […]

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9 Best Variable Speed Bench Grinders [2019 Complete Guide]

Variable speed grinders are very versatile tools that help a lot of hobbyists and professionals alike, from carpenters to plumbers and even painters. If you want the best outputs, then you need the best variable speed bench grinder in your shop. You can use a variable speed bench grinder for sharpening objects, smoothing out, shaping, and […]

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8 Best Cyclone Dust Collectors [2019]

Dust from the woodshop can pose health challenges for you and even your tools. You want as little dust around you as possible and the best way to guarantee this is with a cyclone dust collector. They are powerful machines that separate both the heavy debris such as wood chips and fine dust from the air. […]

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9 Best Budget Drill Presses [2019]

A drill press is a handy tool you can use to make different-sized holes on workpieces such as wood, metal, and other materials. You don’t need an industrial drill press, that’ll cost you thousands of dollars, to accomplish such tasks. Budget drill presses, often going for less than $500, can get the job done, just as […]

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