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The 10 Best Manual Log Splitters of 2020

Manual log splitters are handy tools designed to excel where axes struggle. Even though axes have been the primary wood splitting tools for generations, they are not very efficient. A manual log splitter eliminates the excessive manual effort required to split wood. For example, if you use a manual hydraulic splitter, you apply less effort to […]

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10 Best Screws For Particle Board

As compared to traditional wood boards, particle boards are quite easy to drill into because they do not crack or break easily. Additionally, they are denser, more uniform, cheaper and have a higher tensile strength. That said, the screws required for drilling through such boards must meet certain requirements. For starters, their diameter should be between […]

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Heat Gun vs. Hair Dryer: Which One Should You Choose?

Heat guns are handy for a wide variety of applications for DIYers, craftsmen and professional and their applications will range from paint and varnish stripping to bending pipes and even thawing frozen pipes. But many heat gun users are always looking for a cheaper but still effective enough alternative, and this is what drives many to […]

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Reciprocating Saw vs. Jigsaw: Which One is Right for You?

The reciprocating and jigsaws will work in a quite similar manner as they both utilize a reciprocating blade movement. This similarity in the blade operation often makes it hard for potential buyers to choose between them. However, these are still different tools designed for different purposes. The reciprocating saw excels when it comes to tasks that […]

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