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9 Best Hot Tub Chemicals of 2020

Just like swimming pools, hot tubs require proper cleaning and maintenance, and part of this process requires the use of various hot tub chemicals. These not only create a safe and healthy environment to soak in but also help to soften the water, as well as balance the pH levels, resulting in reduced corrosion along the […]

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10 Best Chlorine Tablets of 2020

One of the best ways of keeping your pool water clean is by treating it using chlorine. Most people associate this chemical with its unpleasant smell and taste (if you let in some chlorinated water into your mouth). Despite this, chlorine does a very good job of killing bacteria and other harmful organisms that tend to […]

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10 Best Pool Test Kits of 2020

One of the most important things about maintaining your pool is to get the right test kit for it. This is because as you run the filtration systems while adding purification chemicals to keep the water balanced, you can never really know if the quality of the water is improving or is maintained without using a […]

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6 Best Pool Salt Systems of 2020

A chlorine system or pool salt system is not only to soften the water but it is very effective in maintenance of the pool. Therefore, you don’t have a scope to go wrong with your purchase as only the best pool salt system will be able to last long and deliver effectively. Since these devices are […]

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