Best Flooring Nailer

10 Best Flooring Nailers of 2021

Photo: Freeman As a homeowner that has always wanted to replace an old or worn our floor with hardwood flooring or a professional flooring contractor that installs wooden flooring a lot, a flooring nailer is a must-have. With the best flooring nailer, you will not only get the job done … Read more

Best Siding Nailer

6 Best Siding Nailers of 2021

Photo: Porter-Cable Although siding installation is not a task that you will often do, it will still have a great implication on your house from its appearance to its value. Hence, you need to make sure that you always get it right by not only choosing a good siding material … Read more

Best Palm Nailer

7 Best Palm Nailers of 2021

Photo: Milwaukee With the best palm nailer, you can nail in tight corners and spaces with ease and do it faster than using a traditional hammer, and it is also gentler on your delicate wood pieces. While palm nailers might not be as fast as other power nailers, they make … Read more

Best Pin Nailer

7 Best Pin Nailers of 2021

Photo: Porter-Cable When you want to fasten trim or join two small pieces of wood and do it without leaving large, unsightly nail holes, the pin nailer is always the best tool to turn to. With the best pin nailer, working with smaller and more delicate material is much easier … Read more

Best Brad Nailers

The 12 Best Brad Nailers of 2021

Photo: Makita As a DIYer on the hunt for a versatile nailer, a homeowner looking for a reliable nailer for repairs around the home or a professional woodworker looking for a trustworthy finish nailer, the brad nailer is a must-have. With the best brad nailer, you can be confident of … Read more

Best Finish Nailers

12 Best Finish Nailers of 2021

Photo: DeWalt Finish nailers can come in handy for everything from installing doors and windows, installing baseboards, cabinetry and paneling to making chairs and other wooden furniture. And while professional finish carpenters will have all kinds of finish nailers, for regular DIYers and hobbyists, it is all about getting just … Read more

Best Roofing Nailer

7 Best Roofing Nailers of 2021

Photo: Metabo HPT When it comes to roof maintenance, repair or installation, a roofing nailer is a must-have. Unlike the traditional roofing hammers, it gets the job done faster, more efficiently and with neater and more aesthetically appealing results. But, not just any will do, and so as a pro … Read more