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10 Best Suction Pool Cleaners of 2020

A suction pool cleaner comes in handy when you want to maintain your pool in good and clean condition. Therefore, it alleviates the tedious process of cleaning the pool manually after hosting parties around the pool during leisure and holidays. The best suction pool cleaner relieves you the task and expense of buying cleaning chemicals that […]

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7 Best Spa Vacuums of 2020

Dirt and debris always find a way into your hot tub even if you keep it covered when not in use. While this may not seem like a big issue at first, once these particles start accumulating, they ruin your soaking experience and present a lot of health hazards because green algae will follow. To keep […]

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The 10 Best Pool Brushes of 2020

For you to enjoy swimming in your pool, it has to be clean. Apart from the filtration and water circulation systems, the most basic tool that you need for this job is a pool brush. Regular pool brushing also gives you the benefit of lower maintenance costs since the process keeps the surfaces clean, eliminating regular […]

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10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners of 2020

Robotic pool cleaners can do a much better job at cleaning your pool as compared to water-propelled pressure and suction pool cleaners. This is because they are powered by electricity and this makes them a little bit smart, with some even having the capability to map out the entire pool for efficient cleaning. However, there is an […]

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