Best Wood Burning Kit

The 10 Best Wood Burning Kits of 2021

Photo: TruArt For someone who is serious about wood crafting, it is essential to have the best wood burning kit. Why do you need the best and nothing less? Well, only a best kit will have all the features that you will need to make your projects easily. While there … Read more

Best Pipe Clamps

The 10 Best Pipe Clamps of 2021

Photo: Bessey A pipe clamp is a small yet has limitless potential to help you through various woodworking tasks. While all the pipe clamps look the same at first but only when you start to use it, you will see the difference. In all of this, you are required to … Read more

Best CNC Router

9 Best CNC Routers of 2021

Photo: CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routers are advanced software-driven tools, which allow you to achieve industry-grade 3D cutting and milling on wood and other materials. This tool is programmable using a PC to enable it to remove material from wood, plastic, PVC, foam, acrylic and even soft metals with … Read more

Best Mini Lathe

10 Best Mini Lathes of 2021

Photo: Nova Although today’s mini lathes are high tech and electric powered, this technology dates to ancient times. The modern mini lathe is, however, a high-precision machining tool that every professional should own. A mini lathe has diverse applications including woodturning, metalworking, thermal spraying, metal spinning, and glass working. When … Read more

Best Wood Moisture Meter

10 Best Wood Moisture Meters of 2021

Photo: Extech Wood moisture meters are devices that are designed to measure the percentage of water in wooden pieces. They are important because the physical properties of wood are strongly affected by the moisture level inside. Therefore, by providing a platform to easily monitor the moisture content, these meters help … Read more